ART: Fernand Khnopff


Apologies for delay. I live in Southern California and have been evacuated from our home because of fires. Please keep us in your prayers.
Here is our dear brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his astrological guidance with us.
“Initiation is reserved for the few
Who stand up and don’t run away,
But face the demons within and without,
Growing wiser and stronger each day.”
He says: 
“Please notice I did not say ‘fight’ the demons, the mantra is ‘face’ the demons. Let’s not forget that we are better off riding the dragon than trying to slay the dragon.
“As mentioned in the report, the ‘demons,’ once brought to light, may serve us on our life path toward healing ourselves, others and the world. It’s not about conquering and other obsolete concepts, but rather about enlisting…
“Let’s enlist all the forces available to co-create a planet we can be proud to welcome visitors to! LOL!”

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