Here is brother Kaypacha once again sharing his weekly wisdom and insights…
“Like a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon,
I have been transformed inside,
All parts of myself now aligned in Truth,
I have nothing left to hide.”
Kaypacha says:
“Whoa! Anything can happen! Anything that BRINGS YOU OUT that is!
“We’ve got both the Sun and Mars coming out of Cancer to be joined by the Moon this weekend. Could be quite some turbulence prior to ‘curtain time’ tho (Sun square Uranus).
“The entire cosmos is conspiring to bring us all OUT, fully, wholly, truthfully, and completely. The more anyone has been hiding, lying, pretending, deluding themselves or others, the more challenging this will be.
“For those sincerely on the quest of evolving no matter what, this can be a time where expectations are exceeded! That curtain can go up and the crowd roars for more….. of YOU, the real you, the true you, the AMAZING you.”