Here is our dear brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his astrological guidance with us. 
“It’s easy for me to be afraid,
When I forget who I really am,
An infinite Spirit come to earth,
Channeling love through my head, heart, and hands.”
He says:
“Amidst the chaos, or perhaps as a result of the chaos, great healing can occur.
“The new Moon in Virgo this week portends an entire month devoted to actively addressing our wounds, physical, emotional, and mental. As I mention in the report, this healing can only fully be accomplished after we open, feel, allow, and love ourselves enough to let it out and let it go!
“Uranus is involved in both the grand square and the grand trine! In the sign of Taurus (self-love), it indicates that radical self love is the gateway to this opening of self to the healing hands and hearts of others.
“Identifying ourselves as divine beings of light can help us trust enough to allow ourselves to take off our armor, let down our defenses and accept the gifts the world has for us.
“If, on the other hand, we identify with our temporary physical bodies, money, appearance, etc. we will inevitably feel less secure and less able to express our needs, ask for what we want, and relax enough to trust.
“Hoping you open yourself to your infinite nature, relax, and enjoy the madness rather than run and hide……!”