The SUN has moved from Leo into Virgo,  where it will stay until the Equinox September 22. Here is an explanation of the energy coming forth from the spirited Elaine Kalantarian and her Blue Moon Astrology:
“Virgo, symbolized by the Virgin — one who is ‘whole and complete’ all by her lonesome — is the zodiac sign associated with work. Everyday work that is, not the ambitious and impressive 10th house* aspect of vocational aspiration and life purpose, , but all those necessary tasks we must attend to each day, like it or not, to keep the boat afloat.
Virgo oversees the 6th house of the natal chart, associated with all those mundane chores that fill up a large portion of our day: keeping the checkbook balanced, scheduling appointments, writing up agendas and endless to-do lists, schlepping the kids to and fro, making meals, doing the laundry, taking out the trash, helping with homework…”
“All of this kind of work falls within Virgo’s domain: what we must do each day to make life work — everything that needs to be done to keep us on task and on purpose, with clean teeth and full tummies.”
“Often unfairly maligned as an… obsessive-compulsive detail hound…but her higher objective is really this: to help us lazy ass fools turn those Leo heartfelt desires into something real…”
“If Leo is the sign that reveals what makes our hearts sing, it is Virgo who maps out the sensible path, bringing that Leo passion down to earth all neatly packaged in a responsible, level-headed action plan…”
“Earth-bound, practical and discerning Virgo sits in opposition to idealistic, illusory, Neptune-ruled Pisces, and Virgo’s greatest contribution is to help all of us develop a more highly functioning BS detector: that important capacity for separating the chaff from the wheat, to distinguish gold from pryrite…”
“This Virgo act of separating the wheat is also apparent, not just in our ability to critically think, but also in the increased impulse, when the Sun transits through this sign, to throw open that dreadful closet, where all the ‘overflow’ has been accumulating, pull open that kitchen junk drawer you have to root through each time to find anything, and deal with the mess.
“This is the best time of the year to collect all the crap that’s collecting dust and get rid of it… all of this, which takes up valuable space, mentally and physically, needs to go.
“I do realize how hard it is to do this, all of us are pack rats at least to some degree. All of us have busy lives and the last thing we want to do with our free time is clean out the hall closet. And I acknowledge, there is fear involved in letting go, even letting go of stuff we don’t use….”
“Virgo reminds us, what happens precisely to the degree at which we are tolerating sloppiness and disorder. And also why it is so energizing and uplifting to finally clear it out! So gather up and donate those unused goods to your local thrift shop…”
“When the Sun is moving through Virgo we are often met with the rather unhappy reminder that we have to do our homework, make our beds and floss our teeth — slow down, after the Leo season of chasing rainbows, and once more attend to the basic details of life…”
For little by little, with daily effort, if we keep going, we WILL meet our goals…The work may not be easy, could be downright difficult, or even boring; and then, after all is said and done, when we finally arrive at the finish line, it will probably not be stellar fame that greets us, or immense wealth, or any of those things, but just the humble Virgo satisfaction of a job well done.” 
© 2013 Elaine Kalantarian, All Rights Reserved