“We all experience the new and the unknown, but few of us see the unknown as a force that is beckoning us. The unknown contains clues to another reality.
“What are those clues? They change every moment, but if you look closely at any image the world presents to you, more of your own self will start peering back. 
“The seeming randomness of events will begin to resolve into form and meaning, as if a part of yourself is saying, ‘I’m here. Can you find me?’
“Chance meetings, unexpected coincidences, premonitions that come true, sudden fulfillment of wishes, flashes of unpredictable joy, a sense of deep knowingness, the dawn of trust—all of these are shapes reality can take as it coaxes us out of our self-made prisons.
“We don’t have to listen to this beckoning whisper. The choice is entirely personal. A decision must be made, in the recesses of your heart, between the known, which is stale but familiar, and the unknown, which is fresh, a field of infinite possibilities.”
~Deepak Chopra from The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want