New Moon is here on October 26th, 2011 in Scorpio! Since New Moons are the beginnings of new cycles, they are the most potent time to set intentions, start new projects, and plant seeds for your future. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which is the planet of transformation, so this energy will help bring the shadows into the light and alchemize our life with the light of truth. If you pay attention, you can gain great clarity, be able to release and shed once and for all and be able to take flight like the phoenix rising from the ashes…Know that every end signals a new beginning and don’t be afraid to shapeshift into the next shape. We must move with the current of truth which will suddenly become quite clear ;)
Here is a little download from some of the readers of the stars…more will come closer to the Moon!
From Maharani Rutan :
“When the moon is in SCORPIO, we become more comfortable to hidden or profound powers and our intuitive antennas may be activated. This is a time for working to maintain emotional control, and for working on overcoming inner obsessive thoughts or desires. There can be a need for recognizing habits are negative and need to stop and reactions that keep you locked in power struggles.”
“This New Moon is most favorable for seeking assistance from your divine center and Higher Power to gently release your self from inner negativity. Expression is the focus and physical power is the force that will move the spiritual self into more spiritual space.”
“This particular New Moon in Scorpio is quite unique it will bring commitments to an all time high. With 4 (four planets in Scorpio) it is all about love how far will you walk for the real thing? How far will you run for love? But it is not just about love it’s about commitments of any kind. The universe will only support what is good for you.”
“The new moon in Scorpio will bring the truth. If a relationship is based upon a fear of being alone this moon will make you be very well aware that it is the wrong thing to do. If the relationship is based upon one way love it will also make it clear. But if the relationship is based upon unconditional love then the relationship will solidify. Scorpio is all about all or nothing.”
From  Diane Booth Gilliam :
“The New Moon of October 26th coincides with Diwali, the “festival of lights.” This traditional festival is celebrated in India and beyond, and it signifies “the power of light to illumine darkness and uplight our hearts.”

“This is a great time for practices that en-lighten the heart. Also decorate your home : add abundant candlelight. Celebrate the light.”
“As we celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali, the Moon is at its darkest phase (known as New Moon). Not only that, this New Moon of October 26th is at 3° Scorpio, the sign ruled by mighty Pluto.”
“Pluto is known as the “Lord of the Underworld.” The symbol for Pluto is the phoenix, a mythological bird. The phoenix inspires us to:
acknowledge the depths of darkness and destruction
- emerge from darkness; leave behind those ashes of destruction
embrace enlightenment; be reborn; take flight”
From  Robert Wilkinson and his blog Aquarius Papers: 
“Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Scorpio indicates we need to unite with other members of our Soul group, conscious fellowship, and/or those who share our Heart Fire. Expect culminations and radical shifts in direction as you find self confidence, discipline, and deep insights.”
“It’s a time to find a simple an ‘intuitive understanding’ of something of Spiritual importance. We can get a ‘fresh grasp of the Soul’s needs,’ as well as a ‘youthful life enjoyment’ that can renew our willingness to serve in a creative way.”
© Copyright 2011 Robert Wilkinson
And last but not least from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“At the same time transiting we are experiencing the second round of the Jupiter/Pluto Trine aspect, so we have the potential to be super-creative and solidify ideas by bringing them into reality. This can help with any area of life, healing, finances, creativity, health, networking etc. “
“With this aspect boosting the New Moon in Scorpio NOW is the time to make long-lasting investments, start new ventures or snag the opportunity to invest in something big. There is a nice positive grounding energy to the New Moon, make the most of this.”
“Venus/Mercury in Scorpio make a tense ‘square’ aspect to Mars in Leo. This can be a good spark or catalyst for growth and tearing down limitations. Watch what you say for you don’t want to have regrets. Healing, shifts, changes are all possible to allow more love in rather than controlling things out of fear.”
“Be honest and loving with how you feel or what is going on inside. Do not allow frustrations to build to extreme points, release them before things explode. Let go of that which you are unable to control. Embrace and rejoice in that which flows effortlessly.”

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