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NEW MOON in VIRGO ::: calls us to return to the wisdom of our clay bodies and our sacred Earth.
She lays her hand upon our brow and the other on our hearts,  and reminds us to calm our mental forecasting. 
We are at the beginnings of a new cycle. Everything feels different and it is. 
The mental highways are moving fast which could psych us out and wear us out before we even begin.  
Therefore is not only necessary, but healing, to grab hold of the reins of our minds and spend some time grounding into Mother Earth, dropping into the noble silence, and opening to the “generous present moment,” like Dr. Joe Dispenza so beautifully says.
Before we begin our journey, we must devote to align. Align with how we really feel, with the wisdom of our bodies and the truth of our hearts, and from this place we will know what will move us forward. 
Virgo teaches us to refine, to purify to what is essential and at the root. To strip away and cleanse all that is impeding us from keeping our hearts open.
For ultimately WE ARE HERE TO LOVE,  over and over again. 
Love is the unraveling. It opens the way forward.
Virgo reminds us that it is precisely through our loving, that we are in service to all of Life, to the Sacred in all things. 
By slowing down and bringing mindfulness to our day to day experiences, by tending to the mundane details with care and devotion, we offer our presence and that is the greatest gift we can offer each other.
It is through the ongoing purification of our devotion to what is essential, that we create new pathways of possibility, healing, and miracles.
With all my heART~