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October 27th 2019   8:38 pm PDT 
October 28th 2019 4 :38 am BST  |2:38 PM AEDT
SCORPIO *NEW MOON* occurs on October 27th and I must confess it comes the day after my 45th Birthday!
I am writing this from deep within the container of being with my teacher the magnificent Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. So much deepening has come for all of us this year, and this NEW MOON in Scorpio heralds the embodiment of our transFORMation.
Just as the Scorpio archetype shape-shifts between the Scorpion, the Snake and the Eagle/Phoenix, we are also shifting our current form, as we sink ever deeper into our experience of being HUMAN.
How do we embody our power Scorpio asks? Can we face and name our fears? Are we willing to show up in our vulnerability so we can risk being met where we are? Are we aware of our shadow, which is really our wounded self? Are we shedding our skin and allowing ourselves to spread our wings and unfurl our true essence?
Scorpio is the embodiment of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. She understands that all things in life undergo this cycle, which are the winds that blow and bring forth change. 
She has faced death and through the ashes awakens to new life that brings regeneration. 
Within this season and across cultures Holy days like Samhain and Dia de los Muertos are celebrated, as the veils between worlds are thin.
In this continuum of life, we reach beyond the seen to connect with the unseen worlds and bridge communication. It is a rich time of connection and regeneration where we can feel the full spectrum of life in its fragility and its strength.
Amidst all the change, there is real magic afoot. And with this NEW MOON we have an opposition to URANUS coming in like flash of lighting. Something unexpected comes in to call us deeper into wakefulness.
May the blessings of this time reveal themselves to us, as we move through our changing landscape.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved guiding lights.


PAT LILES from The Power Path.com says:
“Uranus is bound to bring excitement, major change and eruption to this New Moon cycle in Scorpio. 
“Exactly opposing the passionate, power conscious Scorpio Sun and Moon, Uranus is our ally in breaking up what will not serve us in the future. 
“‘Wake up! says Uranus with a lightning bolt.  
“Sun/Moon in Scorpio means we will be called to let go of our secrets, shadow material and old wounds where we are still carrying security blankets from the past. 
“…Uranus is here to liberate your personal power, to help you show up in your full strength, to help you drink the medicine and transform out of the past and into the future (the realm of Uranus).  Combinations like this are preparation for the major alignments of 2020…
“Scorpio teaches us about power – how to embody power, what powerlessness feels like, how to find power balance in relationship with others. 
“Scorpio as a water sign teaches us about feminine power – the power of the emotional, receptive realms
“Scorpio is about the purging process that precedes metamorphosis into a more powerful state.  Scorpio manifests through our deep psychological probing, and our ability to give birth out of the darkest parts of our bodies, mind and spirit. 
“It is no wonder Scorpio is given domain over death and sexuality where emotional truth lies.
“Although Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, Mars is the traditional ruler… Mars will move on to square Pluto and Eris Nov. 5 further invitation to calling up the emotional clearing needed to access that glorious energy of the Phoenix available to Scorpio in its highest manifestation. 
“Anything is possible now as the veils between the worlds thin and the powers of the invisible world are closer.  Halloween, Samhain, Hollowmas at October 31/November 1 mark midpoint between Fall and Winter in the Northern Hemisphere (or Spring and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere).
“Call on your ancestors to support you in manifesting the dreams that have been long held in your ancestral lines for generations. 
“You hold great power as the focus of your lineage and asking your ancestors to bring you healing support can send amazing results your way.”
© Copyright 2019 PAT LILES


SARAH VARCAS from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk shares:
“This moon marks an opportunity to stop and take stock, turn within and ask some probing questions about what’s really going on in the places we most struggle in our lives.
“Excuses won’t cut it now. Pussy-footing around the point won’t work. Honest answers are necessary.
“We’ll know them by their energetic charge which floods our being when we articulate truth.
“We don’t even have to share it with others right now. It may indeed take some time to come to terms with it ourselves! But truth spoken in the privacy of our own hearts is still truth nonetheless.
“Doing so can be the first step to integrating its catalyzing presence in our life. Even the most unpalatable truths can still set us free….
” If it feels like slipping back into a state you thought you’d finished with, remember that life is a spiral not a roundabout!
“We do indeed revisit things many times, but always from a slightly different perspective or point of view.
“We are never the same person twice, no matter how much we may feel ourselves to be.
“The North Node facilitates the manifestation of our future not entrapment in the past.
“But we must do our part to make that happen, and if life is full of ‘déjà vu’ right now we may well be receiving a precious opportunity to revisit issues from earlier this year, to make different and better choices…
“For many, recent times have been extremely intense and the future looks like more of the same. But this moon reminds us respite and relief exist right here, right now.
“In accepting that the path of wisdom leads us through scary terrain, we’re no longer beholden to the power of unbridled emotion or the imposing nature of our personal shadowlands.
We can face what we must and still prevail. Then we are truly free.”
© Copyright 2019 SARAH VARCAS


ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers says:
“The symbol for the 5th degree of Scorpio is ‘A massive rocky shore….’
“According to Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, this degree is one of ‘the dependability of the physical universe whenever (we) hold the center of reality within (ourselves) and use the static constituents in nature as a sustainment for (our) essentially dynamic being…’
“He offers us the keyword STABILIZATION…
“So this Lunation indicates these next 4 weeks point to the Light of Divine Communion deepening our relationships and sense of connection helping us feel more deeply on how the universe sustains us when we are centered in a reality that furthers our true Self.
“Embrace a constant purification and self-regeneration, and Scorpio will help you eliminate to create space to attract more dynamic manifestations of deeper connections with life…
“The Lunation opposed Uranus indicates the needs to examine our heart’s desire and move in a more wholehearted direction to attain it…
“This one is anticipatory, and everything depends on the attitude with which we greet unfamiliar and even shocking events.
“The last two months we’ve harvested a lot; now it’s time to cull that which we no longer need, letting go of all that has kept our energies stuck…
“We’ve been in a time when angels and divine help are in the air, as well as redemption and forms of trained creative expression…
“We’ve recalibrated what we needed to, and now it’s time to act in alignment with that recalibration…
“A new power has been established which we will use in 2020. We are exercising to become more fit to use that power, and now have to remember to have a sense of humor and irony as we poke holes in ego constructions, both in self and others.”
© Copyright 2019 ROBERT WILKINSON


Lastly I leave us with KAYPACHA’s mantra for this week’s NEW MOON energies:
“When I shine my light into the dark,
I don’t know what to expect.
But only by sharing my deepest self,
Can I truly be fully met.


Sending LOVE as we unfurl!



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