When we allow the MOTHER loving energy of cosmos to flow through us, we open up to the creative fertile stream that is generous and regenerative.
The MOTHER taproot is  accessible to all.
It is a vibration, giving, wise and full. Like the ancient sun and moon.
This anchoring frequency is pure LOVE and acceptance. It is the feeling of being HOME. It is the comfort of the safest feeling we have ever known.
>We are always held in this love<
As we feel it and allow it flow through us, we become an expression of the great MOTHER song that echoes through every living thing.
This NEW MOON in CANCER beckons us to anchor into this MOTHER energy and allow her reverberations to help open our hearts, so that we can be at ease in the softness of our inner worlds, our vulnerabilities, and subtle sensibilities that whisper their ancient wisdom from their watery depths.
Softness is a super power.
Like water, it can move through all barriers. It can soften and make smooth the most hardened edges.
Our task is to yield to our inner softness. Be the current that carries the vibration of love. 
In these times we must provide the support we need for ourselves. Integrating our emotions and finding ways to nurture ourselves and restore our well being is crucial.
As we nourish ourselves, we transmute the diminishing energies, through anchoring deeper into the core MOTHER frequency that is pervasive of pure LOVE.
May we all feel held in Her heavenly waters, carrying us and holding us, for all of eternity.
With all my heART~