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First from our go-to astrologer Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology blog:
“The month of June 2012 is literally packed with major shifts and astrological aspects. Prepare to meet the first aspect of Uranus Square Pluto transit. We are already sensing this powerful astrological transit through chaos, upheaval and even loss. At the same time, where one door closes another one opens. Or rather magnificent breakthroughs occur. The new door opening can be observed through the Wisdom Self. Think of crisis is an opportunity to raise Consciousness and evolve.”
“The question is ‘Do you want to wake up from a conditioned reality made up of false-hoods, denial and distortions?’  If the answer is yes, then state the intention and Life will move you accordingly. Be prepared to alter life as you know it.  The path will lead to greater freedom and align you with your highest Soul potentials.”
“The first main exact aspect of Uranus in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn retrograde at 8 degrees on June 24th, 2012.  The old box is being dismantled – completely.  And we are on the fast track within the preparation phase…Those with Cardinal signs; Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are feeling the intense jolts in some form. And especially those with Natal planets situated between 5 through 11 degrees in Cardinal signs. for this first major aspect of this transit.”
“Indeed, we are sensing the symbolic blazing fire of purification, we can feel the heat building up with certain key issues in ourselves, lives and as a collective upon the Earth. We can take the approach that this is higher Spiritual medicine helping us upwards in Consciousness. We may not like the taste or smell, yet what ails us will heal and we will arise from the process reborn – symbolically and energetically.”
 “It is easy with Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto symbolism to dive into the negative and stay submerged in total fear and paralysis or even submerged in addiction. In fact, generally speaking if you notice, people are acting really really bizarre. The energy is so extreme that we see what is way off-balance. The darkest, dingiest, repressed gunk is surfacing from people. It is part of the process.”
 “Pluto’s symbolism suggests the ‘Underworld.’ There is no hiding anything anymore. Only total and complete exposure of whatever is unhealthy, unresolved, off-balance, abusive, shady and overly fear-based. Uranus’s symbolism suggests illumination, awakening, innovation and disruption. You can see combining these two symbolic forces is powerhouse beyond what ego/personality can control. We need the strength and courage of our ‘Inner Compassionate Warrior’ Archetype to jump start things and help us see the powerful transformation to through to the end.”
“…it puts us in a situation to make profound decisions and take realistic actions. Either go with these changes or resist. Addictions of all types of things are being pushed up and exposed. Anything out of integrity will be seen. Rage and extreme emotions are also coming out.”
“This first aspect of Uranus/Pluto Square is a massive ‘detox or purge.’ Do your best not to contract, but rather, relax and allow the gunk to be pushed out. You will feel much lighter and have greater clarity.  If you have any Natal Planets in “Cardinal” signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn between the degrees of 5 – 16, you may feel the intensification of this transit the most with major life transitions and transformations happening. Other signs will also be activated as well.”
 “…Consider 2012 as the major catalyst for the shifting Consciousness on Earth. This ripples into the Cosmos too. For those ready and eager to ask deeper questions, Spiritual insights will be revealed. We are being pushed outside the zone of the known. Old paradigms are being demolished so new ones will be birthed.”
 “Life is helping each of us align with our highest potentials whether we are conscious of it or not. We can unleash our highly creative energies for the betterment of our life, the collective and the planet. For some they will choose to transition (death) rather than remain here during the Shift in Consciousness. For others, the new wave of people waking up is just about to begin. With each “exact aspect of Uranus Square Pluto transit, the intense momentum and acceleration will build up. This first one is the “ignition.” Evolution is primary focus. The rest is secondary. Get ready… we are on a wild ride.”
 More advice and insights from this Uranus Square Pluto aspect from Dipali:
 “We can receive many blessings and much joy from experiences as much as it will be shaking up the old ways of life. Sometimes old ways, denial or habits tend to stifle us, like vines wrapping around us until we feel smothered or choked – metaphorically speaking.”
 “Trust in the bigger picture to all of this, trust there is a purpose to things that occur, even if you can’t understand all of it in one sitting. Each day practice connection to the Sacred or Divine energy to help guide you and know you will be guided, comforted and led to the space or place best suited for the next stage of evolution or healing.”
 “My sense is there may be some dramatic changes coming up the road and mixed in are some unexpected surprises that bring great delight.  If we encounter delays, we may have to learn to be patient with the higher Timing of the organic process…”
 “Our paradigms may change yet we may also have new foundations to step onto. It is best not to be overly involved with toxic or negative people during such transitions as this may create more fear and anxiety. Choose to be around those who inspire, uplift and empower you to the new space you are headed towards.”
 “It is strongly advised to have an Update or Transits Chart Consultation if not with me, then from your trusted Astrologer if you have not had one in the last year or so. Or simply ask for a 1 Topic Consultation where you can discuss and understand how the Uranus Pluto Square will influence your life and being….”
 “The Uranus/Pluto Square will be ongoing until approximately 2016. Life will look, feel and be experienced very differently by then.  Powerful repressed energies will want to surface and new creative expression will want to be unleashed”
 “What I can say is now is the time to shift out of  ‘survival mode’ of operating in Life and begin to thrive and to fully live Life consciously and responsibly…It is both an exciting feeling of what is yet to be born and the letting go of false security which tends to create anxiety.  How will you choose to work with the Uranus/Pluto Square in your life?”
 © Copyright 2012 Dipali DesaiAll Rights Reserved
Insights on this Uranus/Pluto square from astrologer Divine Harmony:
 “Uranus in Aries is waking up our collective and personal needs to take a stand, say no, express anger and create boundaries. Aries is a sign that is focused on his own needs and self-preservation….”
 “Pluto is the lord of the underworld and his sole purpose is to expose what is toxic and what lies in the shadow. His focus is on our use of power and during our evolutionary process we often experience the extremes of Pluto- victimization/having our power taken from us AND taking power from others, manipulating others and needing to be in control- before we can find a healthy relationship of Self-centered empowerment coming from within.”
 “…Pluto is forcing us to look at what lies beneath the surface of situations/relationships/structures personally, politically and collectively. What we see is not pretty but it has to be addressed, purged, eliminated and/or transformed before new life can take hold. Pluto is the roto rooter of the zodiac- he comes in and lets you know where the crap has gotten stuck and he forces you to RELEASE IT.”
 “During Pluto transits we need to know that some aspect of life has to die and that on some level (of the ego) we are not fully in control. Pluto requires that we tap into Divine Will and surrender the ego’s will…”
 “I tend to look at things on an individual spiritual/psychological level- so from a more personal perspective there are things in our life that MUST die and there are aspects of life that MUST change and there is no point in fighting it over the next 3 years because it’s going to happen with or without your consent and cooperation.”
“A mantra for the uranus/pluto years ahead is ‘breakdowns precede breakthroughs’- so wherever you see breakdowns in your life or in the world around you know that this is the necessary first step that has to happen before you can get to the breakthrough phase…”
 “People who have planets or placements between 8-15 degrees of cardinal signs (aries, cancer, libra and capricorn) are really going to be feeling this upcoming transit. incidentally the USA’s sun is right smack in the middle of all this- so we americans will definitely be feeling it as a nation. For everyone though, this transit is a period of radical revolution and change, directly related to the revolution and change of the 60’s- which is the last time uranus and pluto made an aspect.”
 © Copyright 2012 Divine Harmony All Rights Reserved
 From the wonderful Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
 “Well, this next week we can definitely say, the 60s are BACK! In the 60s, these two planets of evolution (Pluto) and revolution (Uranus) joined together to birth a new age…As you’ll see below, these planets’ cycle have kept us moving forward in our evolution throughout the ages – metaphorically and literally.”
 “The 60s began a new era for these change-bringers, though, because for the first time in centuries, they began their cycle in an Earth sign, letting us know the time is right to bring all our bright ideals and humanity’s highest promise into manifestation.  The work we do now at this first quarter phase of their cycle can, over the next decades, give rise to that beautiful vision of the kingdom of heaven here on earth…Let the peaceful Revolution begin!”
 “…The planets involved in the biggest energy shift this next year are Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  They’re bringing the 60s back in with a roar.  It seems all of us need to have a talk with Mr. Pluto.  He wants to tell us about our shadow self that is keeping us chained to the past.  Uranus wakes us up to our freedom – Pluto tells us what we need to change to achieve it….”
 “Uranus opens us to the mindset that can achieve this transformation.  It says to dig deep into Aries’ search for identity and find yours!  So open yourselves to the archetypal realms and ask for an archetypal mentor who can teach you your true name.”
 “Astrologers have been talking about this upcoming square for many years…”
 “Pluto can be associated with the archetypal Shadow and in Capricorn he’s showing us our collective financial shadow – we overspend, create too much waste and have unrealistic expectations.  It’s time to confront the hard truths of our way of life and perhaps even sacrifice the extraneous ‘stuff’ while we take responsibility for the mess we’ve created…”
 “…Remember to turn inward, and hone your ability to hear your own guidance. Whether this guidance comes through dreams, flashes of intuition, synchronicity, or messages you receive from others, stay open to your imagination.  That’s what will help you decipher the meaning of what’s happening to you and it will give you clues on handling any situation.”  
 “The fact that Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, source of spiritual awakening and imagination, gives us the cosmic go-ahead to dream large and envision with love possible futures that can come into being in the cracks of our crumbling patriarchal structures.  We will salvage the wise values of the past and bring them forward into the future to be integrated with the new structures we’re building.”
 “The Sabian symbol for Uranus at 9*Aries is: A crystal gazer.  An intuitive understanding of our wholeness, our past lives as well as our future ones.  We need to concentrate and focus our awareness if we want to see this kind of wholeness.  This is the energy that will lead us to our destiny.  Yes, we each have one!”
 “The Sabian symbol for Pluto at 9* Capricorn is: An angel carrying a harp.  This image seems to carry the message – the Force is with you.  Not only is there an angel to guide you, but it does it with sound and vibration, with the art of peace rather than the sword of war.  There is always meaning in life. We just need to trust Life and look for the meaning.”
 “Well, good luck and enjoy these next few weeks.  Try to meet them with an open mind and loving heart.  It’s your life, and whatever comes to you is part of your life’s lessons.  Live life fully and embrace the darkness of the Unknown.  And dance with it! Blessings on us All!”
 Copyright 2012 Cathy Lynn Pagano All Rights Reserved
Yes, we are all in this together!  I hope you found these astrological downloads as helpful and insightful as I did. Gratitude to these astrologers~~~~
Peace and Blessings~