Here is brother Kaypacha’s Pele report for the week of March 8, 2013. In his own authentic heartfelt way, Kaypacha always shows up to share the wisdom of his soul. Through his reports we watch him through the ups and downs and we relate as we collectively navigate our own waters ;)
Here is a very honest report, where he shares how things are unfolding in his own life and the insights and wisdom to be gleamed when we completely surrender.
Lastly, if you feel moved by the spirit of generosity and giving back, please consider donating to Kapacha’s fund to realize his vision of a Healing Festival. Here is the link.
Blessings to your dear hearts~~~
Here is his mantra for the week:
“Only with humble acquiescence,
Can I maintain an inner silence,
That allows for Spirit guidance,
To reveal her radiant brilliance! “