Here is brother Kaypacha sharing his views, astrological insights and guidance for this week…
“It’s time to forge relationship,
As hard as that can be,
For the Other will test and prod and push,
That my truth I may clearly see.”
He says:
“Jupiter in Libra is calling for social justice, while Saturn/Mercury in Sag, (soon to be joined by the Sun) is demanding the truth. 
“The only hitch is the chaos being revealed from deep within the reservoir of the collective unconscious releasing all the illusions, injustices, and BS from thousands of years of His-story. 
“It is our closest relationships that can help us sort out the propaganda from within and without in our search for what ‘should be’ self-evident truth.  What a merry-go-round! 
“Wishing you the best as you hang in there, deal with the uneasiness and the challenge of direct communication to uncover new truths about yourself, your soul, and Its purpose.  Injoy!