Warwick Goble


Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report…
“If I’m to make my dreams come true,
I need to improve my aim,
By focusing and knowing my priorities,
Before I enter the game.”
He says:
“Well, these days there is just so much going on that if you try to do it all you will either do a lousy job on everything or fail to get it all done! Hence the need to decide those priorities and only do what is REALLY on your path.
“The bottom line of course, then, comes down to ‘Are you on your path?’ and the need to more clearly define your path, your goals, your direction, and your purpose…..
“So we are talking bigger stuff than just ‘getting things done.’ There is a Spirit purpose behind flooding us all with big plans, dreams, and visions that take tons of time, energy and attention to accomplish.
“That is that we all get to know ourselves on new and deeper levels through choosing what we want/can do and what we need to pass on.”
Such powerful words in the report. Here are the key messages:
“It’s a very confusing time. It’s very challenging  for these next couple of weeks to stay on course, to stay on track, and yet that is the very lesson we are learning, is that we have to stay on track. This is Saturn going into Sagittarius.”
“…So this is also a time of discovering, deeper meaning. And the deeper meaning also implies deeper self- knowledge…we are all being put to task…”
“It’s really time to experience self-transcendence. That is the Sabian symbol of this Lunar Eclipse in the 5th degree of Aries that is happening this weekend. Self-transcendence.
“We have as humans a capacity to rise above our own self interest, in order to realize this unity of community. This unity of our planet. The In Lakesh, that I am another you, and break through the walls of separation.
“And it requires sacrifice, service, contribution, giving, generosity.
“The more we come into a space of generosity, of feeling our connection with our divine inspiration and knowing that we are being fed and led and as we come into alignment with our purpose, we will have the resources, we will have the body, and the will and the muscle and the drive to really do what we are sanctioned…the Nodes have to do with Destiny.
“This is a time of Destiny…of planetary Destiny…and part of that destiny involves cleaning up our shit, and cleaning up the messes that we’ve made both personally and collectively.”
“…We can loose focus and be trying to change everything around us, but the truth and the reality is that as you do your spiritual practice, and you heal within yourself, this is the gift.
“This is the most that you can really do for all humankind, is to work on your own heart space…. and enabling, teaching, and showing and sharing with everyone else that they are their own healer. So that we can get out of savior-victim consciousness.”