Here are some wonderful insights on this BIG full Moon illuminating our skies this Saturday…
First from Bekan Finch:
“The Full Moon in Virgo brings with it a Supermoon (closest moon to the earth in 18 years), the Spring Equinox and Mercury Retrograde ghost period: that is a lot of heightened energy and power for an already emotional lunation. We have two options: to find the inner critic or the inner healer…”
“Virgo is smart, methodical, organized, questioning and perfection seeking. She wants to make it all right and fix everything. This sign is also one of a natural healer, an empath, a medicine person who knows just the right combination of herbs, foods, plants and exercises to bring anyone back to wholeness.”
“A Supermoon (lunar perigree) means the moon is physically closer to us then normal. The Full Moon is already the highest emotional night of the cycle, but with the moon closer, there is a much stronger pull on tides and feelings. The Full Moon always opposes the Sun’s sign (currently Pisces), and so the dance between these energies is magnified. Pisces is mutable water and Virgo is mutable earth — so the movement is quick, fluid, adaptable, and the balance sought is between consciousness and form. With the addition of the nearer lunar proximity, they actually resemble tidal waves and earthquakes, on a literal and metaphorical level.”
“The day after the Full Moon is Spring Equinox, one of two days where night and day are equal as earth sits balanced on her axis, but symbolizes the shift to the lighter, warmer time of year afterward, as our hemisphere now tilts closer to the sun. It is always a celebratory time and quite profound for cleansing rituals, preparing seeds to plant and honoring the end of darkness and beginning of light.
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ALSO read below from the insightful Depali Desai:
“The Full Moon is in Virgo at 28 degrees on March 19th, 2011. This particular full moon is packed with high nervous tension energy possibly erratic zings and dings. Let’s delve into the astrological aspects happening during the full moon a bit further.”
“Stress levels may be high during this time. The highly fluctuating energies may certainly add a layer of jarring ripples within emotional waters for people now. Be patient as possible no matter what arises. Tendencies or habits that are out of balance or that are on auto pilot are brought into the light of conscious awareness. With the sign of Virgo highlighted, either you can be highly picky, critical or judgmental or you can break free to heal yourself and restore balance inside. The “inner critic” needs a vacation or at least some new skills on how to be “compassionate (Pisces).” Put that on the to do list and do it! Of course the first urge, during a Full Moon in Virgo is to analyze it out, think about it, chew it to pieces until it is all mush. It may be best to “feel” things out first then the order and information will make sense.”
“This one is a “Super Moon.” (a term coined by astrologer R. Nolle)
Super Moon represents the Moon is the closet to the Earth, it is called lunar perigee. With the lunar energy (literally influencing the tides of the Ocean) being so strong, symbolically or literally we may experience unusual weather, climate change as well as earth changes such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions etc. The emotional climate may also express this similar movement so let it all purge out if need be. Roll with the waves happening now.”
“During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another. Sun in Pisces ‘opposes’ the Moon in Virgo, push and pull between the details and the wholeness, find the compromise between both. Blend your practical and feeling aspects so they work as one unite towards finding the solution to any adversity happening now. The Full Moon in Virgo is closely knit symbolically to transiting Uranus in Aries. At the same time the square aspect between transiting Uranus/Pluto is wide but building now. We must be truthful and confront the shadow or negative side and bring more awareness within self and relationships. Uranus/Pluto square can be; intense, powerful, transformative and also there is a bit of disruption possible with the energies now. Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are feeling the dynamic tension, pressure and possible excitement.”
“With the momentum of energy increasing with 3 planets in Aries so far, you can decide to be a part of things that enhance and support your overall well-being (Virgo) and spiritual evolution (Pisces) or not. Chances to overcome the past and any places you adhere needlessly to being a Victim and move forward to be empowered will come whizzing by. Ready to grab them and move ahead? Jupiter in Aries very close to its opposition aspect to Saturn in Libra – retrograde suggests resolving conflicts between expansion and consolidating.”
Copyright 2011, Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved.