The FULL MOON is in Aries on October 11th, 2011. This Full Moon is called the “Hunter’s Moon” or sometimes the “Blood Moon” or “Sanguine Moon”. It is the first Full Moon after the Harvest Moon (the Full Moon nearest the Autumnal equinox). Here is what we can expect energetically to be in the air…
First, from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology blog:
“Bark, Growl, Howl. Do an extra set during your workout. Whatever gets the job done and the blocked emotions out without spitting fire on someone.  Holding the anger or frustration creates imbalance and toxins in the body.  It’s like holding twenty pieces of hot coal in the body. Ouch! During this full moon phase, we are encouraged  to let out the pent up frustration in a constructive way without harming self or another…”
“… during the Full Moon in Aries, there is irritability, angry outbursts, short tempers and flare ups to release the energy and bring self-awareness. Emotions are on a razors edge ready to strike down if need be. Some people may be instigators at the time of the Full Moon in Aries. They are just looking to jab, poke, fight and battle. You do have a choice. You can rise above this just enough to find a way not to engage in the egoic battle to win or lose. We can be mature enough to seek win/win solutions so that it honors everyone involved. Also, it may be we need to set new healthy set of boundaries (Saturn) in any given relationship, even with self.”
“Sun/Saturn in Libra symbolism during the Full Moon, suggests the potential for integrity and strength in self-expression when relating to others in any given situation. ‘Patience’  is a big key now, breathe it out and pause before reacting. We are  to act responsibly in relationship first for self and allow others to be responsible too. This is may be a challenge for the sign of Libra, since its interested in the ‘Other’ sometimes at the cost of itself.”
“We must seek to be the peaceful presence we are then we can radiate that peace in any given situation instead of ‘peace at all costs.’  Step up to the plate and start taking charge of your needs instead of always asking another to fulfill them. You will feel happier and more empowered. We must balance the “I and the We” now by finding the middle path. By grounding your energy, touching the Earth, being outdoors in Nature you will find you feel more steady and the stress clears out of the body.”

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More insight on this from Diane Lang and her lovely blog Libra Seeking Balance:
“The sober conjunction of Saturn in Libra and the Sun is not going to let anyone forget the importance of reciprocity and compromise, even though the Moon in Aries trine Mars in Leo urges us to consider our own wants and needs as well. This opposition has much to teach us about respecting our need to act as individuals whilst not neglecting the ‘others’ in our lives. Any self respecting Libra will be happy to tell you maintaining this balance is a work in progress and part of the human condition…”
“Relationships and associations of all kind continue to be the main focus on this Full Moon. All the issues stirred up by the New Moon are up for review but now we need to make our decisions and move on one way or another. The Full Moon lights up the whole picture and we will be given the information we need for making the best choices. Won’t hurt to be kind and thoughtful during the process, just don’t procrastinate any longer. Best thing to remember is if we clear away what isn’t working (and probably hasn’t in a long time) we make room for something far better in our lives!”
*N E W* Here’s what the always great Robert Wilkinson in his blog Aquarius Papers has to say about this FULL MOON:
“This Full Moon will bring us techniques of transcending strife so we can see what’s unfair, or out of balance. Harvests continue, with the Grand Irrationality in full play!”
“The period ruled by this Full Moon will help us reconstruct or repair something through our actions, where our sense of responsibility will show us what’s important as well as how to refresh ourselves emotionally and socially. We can see a practical idealism, or a realistic way to do what we must so that we can see the deeper symbolism to things and let our Soul speak. This is where we see the light of dues we’ve paid, or see the dues we must pay, in order to repair something, or join with others to reconstruct something in the past that was “wrecked by storms,” literal or psychic.”
“Themes involve learning to make basic personal decisions to integrate our feelings with our outer interests, not surrendering to discouragement, developing our insights and sense of proportion, and not falling into feeling excluded from what’s going on around us…”
“Other lessons involve developing a larger social sense, disciplining our feelings to put them to better use, tapping unsuspected resources, and opening to being a pioneer in some life area. Hang in there, don’t settle for lesser things when greater ones are at stake, keep putting your best self forward even if it feels uncertain, and don’t compromise about truly important things, and follow through while being mindful of ultimate ends.”
“We’re still being very much influenced in life-altering ways by the very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse of June 1. That fell in the Gemini zone of the Grand Irrationality, and so over the past 4 months many strange and “destiny-producing” events have quickened to warp speed, throwing us all in major new directions.”
“As that Eclipse will be in force for several years, you can expect the effects to continue for quite a while. The whole world is at a critical turning point where we must find compassionate ways to link with others to assist the whole to survive through a rough patch.”
© Copyright 2011 Robert Wilkinson