The FULL MOON is rising on November 10, 2011  in Taurus, on the eve of the numerogically magical day of 11/11/11 on Friday! I’ve gathered some insights from some of the best readers of the planetary movements and here’s what they have to say…
First from the always wonderful and spot-on Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“Let’s start sculpting and building the picture for the Full Moon in Taurus. There is a potential tone of grounded Spirituality here.”
“Since this phase of the lunar cycle symbolizes high ‘emotional tides’ we may notice strong stubborn emotional reactions that are requiring us to yield and be more flexible with our understanding of the situation or issue. Look at how this past issue or situation served its purpose, your part in it and what you need to take responsibility for to move forward. That’s it in a nutshell, simplify rather than being entangled in the emotional debris of right and wrong power struggle. The Full Moon phase symbolizes; that which is hidden is illuminated. You will see what you need to realize.”
“The Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, do their symbolic dance showing us the way of valuing ourselves more deeply than before and what are the consequences when we do not value or feel worthy inside.  Themes such as; values, body image, finances, self-worth, sexuality/sensuality and empowerment are highlighted now. As we peacefully drift, moving effortlessly along the stream of energies happening now, we are drawn towards and can grasp the pertinent insights flowing in now.”
Neptune in Aquarius at 28 degrees shifts into Direct motion, in other words the themes will be more outward and expressive now. Lifting Group Consciousness higher, helping us to surrender group pain or suffering so we awareness can help us not repeat past patterns. Whenever Neptune’s symbolic shift happens, what it symbolizes in Consciousness is (and literal experiences): we may feel spacey, disoriented and want to drift into other worlds or dimensions instead of facing reality. We may want to expand love and healing. It is easier to let go and surrender into a new state of being. Those who are sensitive to various energies may drift along in a fog for about a week, feeling high degree of sensitivity.  Escapism or hiding behind illusions is possible but its best you don’t otherwise you miss the golden opportunity setting up here.”
“Watch the use of drugs, alcohol, allergic reactions and driving (yourself and other people on the road in a fog-like state), since the degree of sensitivities are high there may be unusual reactions happening.  Make sure to do your best to remain grounded or balanced when possible. Dream-state may be potent and it is best to meditate and relax as often as possible through the day and evening during this time.”
“…Jupiter/Pluto transiting through earth signs as well as Mars almost into the sign of Virgo creates a ‘Grand Earth Trine’ which will offer the solid support and pampering that is required. There is a layer of positivity and optimism that weaves in and out leading up to and after the Full Moon in Taurus on November 10th. We have the best of the spiritual and practical levels being activated now and this energy can flow gracefully if we allow it. It’s a feel good energy, if you don’t use it or work with it will simply float right by you.”
Copyright 2011 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved.
Here’s what astrologer Priya Kale has to say about this Full Moon in Taurus:
“For all the fog in the air, by the time of the Full Moon in Taurus on Nov. 10, 2011 we will know what is real, dispelling the darker fears we’ve been confronting….”
“We are on a journey of discovering the truth. Truth can be painful at times and pain can be a good teacher, but the planets suggest with gentle honest communication we do have the power to learn lessons in love if so choose.”
“Reality is only painful when we resist it, instead of embracing and surrendering to it. And in truth, as the Full Moon is likely to reveal reality is rather deliciously sweet.”
Finally this is what astrologer Moly Hall adds:
“The Taurus-Scorpio axis in fixed signs asks us to get a grip, make the most of what you’ve got, be resourceful…”
“It’s not just about having material resources, but also spiritual-psychic too. If you sense turbulence ahead, it’s time to connect with your core strength. Part of this is rooting out those places where we know we’re living out of balance — kicking dependencies that suck resources, and becoming more self-sufficient with your energy.”
“Taurus and Scorpio are signs of control and conserving energy for when it’ll go farthest and have the biggest impact. The probing sight hones in on psychic or emotional predators. It’s a great time for decisive cleansing of bad influences, or those that play on your fears. You then are able to build up your own emotional reservoir, for your own use. And make room for simple contentment.”
“And when we see how Jupiter-Uranus, the break through planets, are a springboard, it’s wise to be alert to unexpected opportunities. To close up areas where we’re leaking and dissipating our energies, so we can feel that concentration, and be empowered by it. Gaining power by having healthy boundaries, and cutting unhealthy emotional cords. From daring to live more authentically, come new allies. From digging deeper into resources at hand, you find buried treasures.”
“Mercury and Mars are in fiery Sagittarius, for super fast and vigorous dot-connecting. Can you really move so quickly, and act on these realizations?”
“…The quantum fast track we’re on works best when you’re rooted in your own power. At the Full Moon, the Taurus-Scorpio axis reveals the frames we’re working in. Is it a life structure flexible enough to shapeshift with the times? These dancing mutable energies, with Mars-Mercury in square to Jupiter-Uranus invite us to make space for change. To feel the freedom of knowing we can act on the impulses that guide us forward.”
Lastly here is some insight from astrologer Julia Bondi:
“Light and darkness, spring and fall, stability and transformation…the alchemy of this Scorpio Full Moon – as the Sun transits Scorpio and the Moon transits Taurus- is birthing a more conscious and equitable value system as the old, outworn system is self destructing….
“Taurus holds the key to Scorpio’s transformation. Scorpio has masterfully forced the world to see the mess we have made, the destruction wrought as unemployment spreads worldwide, debts proliferate throughout the developed countries as their institutions and leaders wielding the reins offer few answers. Taurus know the simple truth that once we enter Scorpio’s terrors, facing our fears that all is lost, we find that we have the stamina to hope again, to seek what is real, what is of genuine quality, to know that we can come through these dark waters transformed and ready for a new spring of growth.”
“The streets, plazas and parks of the world are filled with people of all walks of life talking about, creating a living vision of, and developing a new horizontal, cooperative, consensus building world that values each person’s worth. As Scorpio encourages us to rid ourselves of dictators, banks and systems that do not serve us, Taurus is building real values that can become the seeds of a renewed value system – which can create an equitable world in which life can thrive.”
© 2011 Julia Bondi All rights reserved