Powerful FULL MOON in SCORPIO and WESAK celebration!
WESAK celebrates the Buddha and brings auspicious energy to bloom our bodhisatva nature and compassionate heart!
Below are some intuitive insights for the energy this moon is bringing in…
“Look into the darkness. It is the spiritual New Year, the festival of the descent of the Buddha. Each year at this full moon, the festival of Wesak, the Buddha descends into a valley high in the mountains of Tibet to dispense the spiritual gifts for this new soul year. This is the spiritual high point of the year when our souls review the previous year and prepare for the coming year examining our interior world, who we are becoming, how we have evolved over the last twelve months, and what we seek to accomplish in the coming months. During this highly energized time, it is just as important to look into our fears, our pain, our stories, and our failures for our gifts and guidance as it is to look at our joys, our successes, our gains and our hopes.”
~Julia Bondi
“Full Moon in Scorpio at 26 degrees on May 17th, 2011. There’s no hiding or burying your head in the ground during this full moon. The infusion of higher energies is happening no matter where you are around the world. We will feel the influence few days beforehand and few days after.”
“We must intimately understand what’s going on within the emotional level of our being. It’s even possible we come face to face with our ghosts of the past. Of course emotions may run high and low with the Full Moon in Scorpio, we may even go to the extremes to get our desires met. Yet, the range of emotional waves can also take us over the edge. Healthy? or destructive? Only your choice will tell. Sometimes we exert false power over another or self due to being in fear or worry. Step back and gain perspective. Remember not to hoard emotions, issues or physical items. “Be truthful” is the reminder of the Full Moon in Scorpio. Peeling back layers and attachments you may find the core of stagnation. A feeling of powerlessness. Transform the energy, let go of the illusion and recognize how empowered you are as Soul moving through the experience. Let the emotional waters flow, purifying and cleansing, ultimately renewing…..”
“During the Full Moon in the month of May, WESAK is celebrated – a spiritual festival which symbolizes the birth, death and Enlightenment of Buddha. It is not about being a Buddhist, but rather about awakening to your infinite Wisdom Self/Soul. Waking up to this vastness of our authentic self is inevitable. All are welcome to celebrate this festival of light.”
~Copyright 2011, Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved.