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The FULL MOON is rising again this time in Libra bringing some interesting dynamics to consider…I’ve gathered some of the most insightful interpretations on the energy we can be expecting below…
From the wonderful Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology site:
“With the Libra Full Moon falling on the weekend of both Passover and Easter, the spiritual importance of this full Moon is emphasized.  All full Moons highlight our relationships, and the Aries/Libra full Moon is the archetypal relationship full Moon since the two signs energize self (Aries) and other (Libra).”
“This first full Moon of the year shows us the emotional issues we face as we relate to each other.  Since it is also a super moon – closest to the Earth – it will exert a stronger influence on both the ocean’s tides and our inner tides.”
“This is the full Moon to be conscious of ‘all our relations’ in our dealings.  And a good place to start is to examine how you act towards others.”
“…Uranus in Aries is charging us with the cosmic energy to do our part in creating a better future; Saturn in Libra is pressuring us to stand up for justice for and between all people.”
“We must stretch ourselves and become more than we’ve been before if we want to make the most of this potent full Moon time.  What we learn about ourselves now will affect how we handle the rest of this year’s powerful energies….”
“Too much self or too much other creates imbalance.  Oppositions are not meant to break apart.  They are meant to complement each other. Libra’s symbol is a scale which must be filled on both sides to create balance.”
“Each partner must state his/her needs and desires and then be willing to negotiate a middle way that can satisfy both.  Each person has an Aries side and a Libran side.  The balance makes the difference.”
Mars and Mercury going direct:  Action and Communication:
“The energies of late March and early April have been frustrating, to say the least…So take a deep breath and get ready to move forward again because Mars will be turning around on Friday the 13th, the week after the Libra full Moon….use the remaining time it’s retrograde to question your motives before you act.”
“You can see Mars shining red in the evening sky.  It’s close to the Earth now that it’s retrograde.  Go take a look!”
“…We all have many different aspects to our personality and if we’re going to function well in the world, we need to integrate these parts so they can work together towards common life goals.  And when we learn to work with the gifts we have inside ourselves, we’ll be better able to work with others.”
“Our ability to work in groups without losing our focus and identity will become even more important in the coming years.”
“…There is a lot of tension during this full Moon due to a mutable grand cross…The issue is how to use our energy without scattering or draining it.”
“There are karmic lessons to be learned about our ability to concentrate, to make decisions, to initiate positive changes and to stand up for ourselves rather than give in to external pressure…. to release old perspectives and old ways to categorize our experiences.”
” …Love is demanding that we begin to see the world from a new perspective. Venus will also go retrograde in mid-May, asking us to re-evaluate what’s of value to us. “
 “…The vision, compassion and healing of our collective longing has to be incorporated into how we go after what we desire from life.  Our personal desires do not have to conflict with our collective caring.”
© Cathy Lynn Pagano All rights reserved
Next from the amazingly insightful Kelly Rosano:
“The Libra Full Moon on April 6 is the first of five SuperMoons in 2012. A SuperMoon occurs when the Moon is at both perigee—orbiting point closest to Earth and syzygy— in line with the Sun and the Earth.”
“This greatly intensifies the gravitational pull on the tides, tectonic plates and human life. For instance, humans are made of sixty percent water. This gives the Moon tremendous influence over our body, emotions and consciousness.”
“…The Sun in Aries rule by Mars is the energy of independence, individuality and assertiveness.  The Moon in Libra ruled by Venus is the energy of co-operation, supportive alliances, and the benefit in creating win/win solutions to our problems. “
â™  Where do you need to be fearless?
â™  Where do you need to join forces?
â™  Where can you create a win/win solution to a pressing problem?
 “…The big three, Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries are reshaping the new energetic status quo.  They are the driving forces in our energetic zodiac.  Uranus in Aries is giving the power back to the people. The grassroots are now shaping our ideals and ideas. Those in power will only be successful if they work with the people….”
 “We want to be awake and aware. Do not be fooled by romantic illusion and/or financial fantasy. Neptune creates our highest ideals that are best internalized and used in our work and creativity. However, most humans project their Neptune out onto other people and situations. This leads to delusion and confusion.  Be aware that Neptune can also represent the liar, thief and betrayer. “
“Neptune creates the emotional roller coaster ride…We are going to make millions on this new business idea for instance. Down the road, you discover s/he makes promises to many people and does not keep their word.  The remedy to Neptune’s disappointment is to see people for who they are and not who we want them to be. If you are feeling lost or confused by someone, an opportunity and/or a situation ask yourself:”
â™  What is s/he offering you?
â™  What do you know to be true?
â™  What have you been avoiding?
♠ What does your intuition tell you—your “gut instinct”?
â™  Are their any red flags?
 “….Neptune is washing away the past.  Neptune is flooding us with the LOVE/LIGHT Goddess energy. Neptune is empowering us to move from war to peace. Neptune is guiding us to our Ascension and Full Consciousness.”
“Transformative Pluto turns retrograde April 10—Sept 18. Pluto operates in the shadows in the unconscious. We are not always aware of his activity. Pluto retrograde gives us the opportunity to recognize and confront the shadow within—our fear, darkness and to transform it.”
“Pluto represents power.  How we get power.  Own power and give our power away. We want to own our power—our authority. In other words, do not bully and do not allow others to bully you.”
“We want to allow others to find their own way and not force our beliefs, ideas or ideals on them. This is our 5D graduation requirement—practicing the Law of Allowing and Acceptance.”
“For instance, harmony is not everyone agreeing. Harmony is not everyone living the same lifestyle. We do not have to make other people wrong in order to be right. Right fighting is 3D limited consciousness. Right/wrong is duality. You can be right. I can be right. We can agree to disagree. Harmony is allowing the individual’s inner authority to decide what is right for them.”
“Mercury will return to Aries on April 16, accelerating the pace of life, communication, sparking innovation and invoking stronger language.  Mars is direct on April 13. We want to be aware of our pent up emotions and frustrations this day by directing our Mars through positive behavior. For example, go outdoors, dance, exercise or exert oneself in a physical project. These are positive outlets for the passionate Mars energy.”
“Moreover, with Mars in Virgo, we need to watch for the tendency to worry, see the faults, imperfections in oneself and/or in other people. Instead, we could center on solutions and not on the problems.”
“Albert Einstein taught us that a problem could not be solved at the same level of thinking that it was created. We want to keep our focus on what we can do and on the remedy.  “
“One strategy for Navigating Neptune in April and the Libra Full Moon would be to seek out a helpmate versus a romantic soul mate.  Instead of following our sexual attractions that can lead us to bad life choices, why not seek out people who can uplift and inspire us.”
“Search for those you can join forces with and form robust alliances. This way, we can move forward through the Neptunian maze of confusion to our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We will keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, while reaching for the stars. Our dreams come true and provide each other the much needed reality check along our way.”
© Kelly Rosano All rights reserved
Next from the lovely AstroTwins and their blog AstroStyle:
“The planets bring a lovely surge of heart-opening energy this week, at long last. With Mercury retrograde since March 12, there’s been no shortage of communication breakdowns and prickly exchanges. On Wednesday, Mercury resumes forward motion, helping us turn the tide of our relationships in a proactive direction. Enough sniping behind each other’s backs or holding in our feelings for fear of rejection. As Mercury sallies forth through soul-baring Pisces, we are meant to talk it out directly…and poetically…”
“Love planet Venus moves into friendly, flirty Gemini on Tuesday…This four-month phase is great for partnerships of all varieties. Friendship is the foundation for all great unions now, but our BFFs could become our SOs if the spark of attraction is there. Creative collaborations are blessed, especially those involving writing, music, film, radio, technology, social media, and any other quick exchanges of information, which is the domain of Gemini.”
“Now, for the highlight of the week: Friday’s full moon in Libra, the sign of committed partnerships. This full moon is the bright culmination of the past six months of amorous efforts…Are we in or are we out? There’s a knowing feeling under the spell of this full moon, helping to direct us towards our hearts’ desires.”
© AstroTwins. All rights reserved
Lastly from
“The Horoscope of the Full Moon in Libra Aries continues the focus on the need to decide. Libra in its nature prefers pondering and weighing and likes to find a middle ground, Aries in its nature acts before any real decision has been made. Both of them together can find the balance between jumping into action, and postponing the action to a “right” time which never comes.   Each of us has decided on something, and now it’s time to implement.”
“The Sun is conjunct Saturn signifying that there will not be any short cuts, and what you build must have a strong foundation, otherwise it will not hold. This full moon just asks us all to be realistic in our expectations, and in our assessment of the resources we have. Many people will experience feelings of lack: lack of supportive relationships, lack of money, and the lack of a common ground between themselves and the world.”
“Aries-Libra always brings up the issues of I vs. us. Us is composed by two or more I. For some reason we are used to defend this I and feel threatened by the Us, as if it takes away something from the I.”
“…Jupiter in Taurus is in opposition to Venus in Scorpio, but both are in a harmonious aspect to Pluto.  This configuration will support any long term work that starts now, any solution that will involve some planning, some determination and the knowing that good things take their own time to blossom.”
“This horoscope represents the clash of: I want a quick fix  Now, vs. I know that a real solution will take time and effort.  Changes seem quick, but the real ones, the changes that last are those that were built over time and effort. Try and reflect on the changes that you experiences especially in relationships to other people: did you change overnight? Did you change over the years? Can you tell the difference?”
“…this is a good time to learn to combine quick decisions and actions, within the long term actions and goals.”
“Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:
What is my personal way of making decisions?
Do I make my own decisions or wait for the “world” to take them for me?
What is being a part of “us” mean to me?
Can I accept quick changes? Do I have the patience to build those changes over time?”
Wow. Pretty amazing juicy detailed information wouldn’t you say? It sure rings true~ Wishing you all a happy and balanced FULL MOON!!