Here is the FULL MOON report for December 28th, 2012. First from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“This is the final Full moon for 2012 and it contains some strong energy for transformation and healing. The Full Moon in Cancer at 7 degrees occurs on December 28th, 2012…”
There are some memories so deeply embedded within the Unconscious, that they need to be exposed for transformation and healing to take place so they no longer influence your life or behaviors. Why hold on to painful memories from your own life or that of your family ancestors and genetic lineage…”
“What could be the key themes or issues surfacing now? They will be around family,  roots or belonging, rejection, abandonment, emotional security, financial or professional security as well as death, dying, letting go of the past and moving past old comfort zones.”
“…Be receptive to healing and also remain open to allowing things to wash away and prepare your inner container for new beginnings by being in the present moment. Let the raw emotion of rejection, abandonment and emotional betrayal heal.  Allow love to caress you and nourish you on every level.”
“One major astrological configuration is: Sun ‘Conjunct’ Pluto in Capricorn both Opposing the Moon in Cancer while making a tense ‘Square’ aspect to Uranus in Aries. There will be exposure and illumination of whatever is decaying or falling apart so it can be cleansed. “
“Also it is possible to experience out of the blue or unexpected external situation, circumstance or issue that intensely pushes into your personal space or bypasses porous boundaries. The sudden shock or something coming up to a boil sets things in motion or possibly creates an eruption. Everything may feel chaotic and then after the emotions are felt and pass, clarity and objectivity follows.”
“Remember the potential to to “clear” away the stuck stuff and make you aware of the Spiritual insight and purpose. It is an opportunity to be emotionally empowered and assertive. From the level of Soul, the painful experiences(s)  reveal or point towards where you have closed yourself off to love or abandoned yourself. Practice being responsible for how you emotionally react to things or situations. Be mature enough to fulfill your need(s) with the help of Soul and the Divine.
“The Full Moon in Cancer may feel extra potent on an emotional and psychological level. It has the potential to trigger extreme emotional reactions (even infantile reactions) with possible emotional eruptions.  Leading up to and the day of the full moon and a day or two after, it’s possible for people to feel especially prickly, cranky and even act in passive/aggressive ways.”
“The theme of ‘moodiness’ perfect describes the Full Moon in Cancer. Of course the end of the year or Holiday blues tend to catch up with those believing in the “loneliness” story within the mind. It is possible that emotions go high and low, but turn to healthy alternatives to help you balance and gain perspective.”
“Another piece to the Full Moon in Cancer is that people have a tendency to live on auto-pilot tend to carry forward sticky emotional guilt, painful memories, family curses, intense bitterness within the ancestral lineage without even questioning anything. And at times this plays it out in their personal lives or with situations in present time. The old story repeats in a loop like a memory.”
“The Full Moon in Cancer offers a wonderful opportunity to let go of being on auto-pilot and detox. Allow whatever is meant to be exposed to be revealed you can face it head on and move forward.”
“It it also possible one’s family or ancestors that have transitioned (died or left the physical body) will be around to support this important phase and transformation. They too want to contribute so that the ancient patterns heal and become whole and healthy once again.”
© Copyright 2012-2013  Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
Also from the always insightful Kelly Rosano:
“The Full Moon is activating the powerful Pluto/Uranus square… Expect the unexpected.  Uranus challenges the Sun (who we are) and the Moon our (emotional needs).  We could be drawn into ego conflicts…”
We want to be proactive versus reactive. We may have little patience for ego games and emotional dramas.  It is crucial to take time for yourself.  Meditate.”
 “Go to the core of what is really bothering you. Make the needed changes within Self to eliminate those factors.  The only person we can change is ourselves. We cannot change other people. However, you can change your behavior. Seeing positive change in the world begins from within. World Peace starts with us. Practice being a peaceful person.  For instance, accept the choices those around you make. We may know better. However, each soul is learning form their own choices. This is how we attain Self mastery. Accept the choices that other people are making.”
“…Pluto opposing the Cancer Moon means it is time to purge the past. Pluto and Uranus challenging the Full Moon imply that we are to release what no longer serves our highest good. For instance, holding on to past memories, events we cannot change, creates needless suffering.  Surrendering, accepting and allowing empower us to go higher in Capricorn…”
“Fortunately, we have a supportive sextile between Saturn and Pluto exact at the Cancer Cull Moon. We can look forward to two more sextiles between our heavy weights…This aspect will empower us to be strong and stable within ourselves. We can work hard and focus tremendous energy on the tasks before us.  Make friends with change, Make friends with your growth and transition.  These are our allies.”
“The Cancer Full Moon message is to release the past. Let go of what no longer serves us be it a relationship, a job, a living location and/or a lifestyle. This is a favorable moment to release self-limiting beliefs.  We create our reality through our thoughts and feelings. If we want to change our lives for the better, we must first change ourselves.  Albert Einstein believed that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking it was created.” Thus, we must climb higher and/or go deeper in our consciousness to find our answers.  Old solutions cannot solve new problems…”
“On a positive note, Mars entered Aquarius on December 25.  This can give us the courage to release what no longer works or serves us. Mars (the individual) is in Aquarius (the group). Mars and Uranus are in mutual reception and have a supportive sextile. You will have opportunities to assert your individuality and do things that you have never done before.”
“Change can be creative and exciting, adding a new passion for life. Mars can give us the courage to be forward focused and burn the past. Mars and Uranus are empowering the individual. Mars and Uranus are encouraging us to fight for our freedom peacefully. Mars and Uranus want us to feel excited about our future.  What actions steps can you take today that puts you in the driver seat? We are the empowered ones. We can choose peace.”
© Copyright 2012-2013  Kelly Rosano. All Rights Reserved 
From Molly Hall from Astrology/ “
“Norway’s Per Henrick Gullfoss calls them ‘the love Moons…’  A high expression then of water Moons, is to choose NOT to respond to what is without love. A love Moon master, Gullfoss writes, ‘only reflects back what is loving and caring. In other words, it never criticizes or feels rejected by the lack of love in others.'”
“…Instead, I can attempt to walk the path of spiritual mastery, that Gullfoss says is devotion. This is being devoted to love, and to forgive the limits of others, in their loving. He writes, ‘It is to accept the love and devotion from others without judging or putting up defenses or making demands for how one is going to be loved. This is the true love of seeing, meeting, and dancing with God, through seeing, meeting, and dancing with all the multiple forms of God that are manifested in the visible and invisible universe.'”
“With the holidays upon us, many are coming together with the family-of-origin where we bump so furiously up against each others limits of loving. This is where we’re triggered the most. And also, it’s with family, that we see the evolution of intimate family ties over the course of a lifetime. We have a long history. And every visit is marked ‘to be continued’ which means there’s time to soften, to come to deeper understandings.”
“Epiphanies happen at the Full Moon. Cancer and Capricorn (Sun) illumine the kind of intimacy that feels like family, and that takes many forms. It’s about your home base, and those you reach out to, to feel a sense of belonging.”
“This Moon, nurture your close connections, and if you feel isolated, reach out…The Cancer side of the cardinal axis brings us into balance, with compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence. It’s seeing the priceless value of deep care and acts of kindness. This instinct will grow wings in 2013, when Jupiter goes into Cancer. The tide will turn, and we’re sure to see a breakdown of the social isolation that many live with.”
Be alert to revelations in these Moonlit nights, of ways to drink in more love. There may be messages about what changes to make, for more organic love nourishment. It begins with self-love, and resisting the temptation to build calcified defenses, in such raw and chaotic times.”
“Cancer is a sign that finds strength in emotional sovereignty. And Capricorn is a sign of integrity, ‘walking the talk.’ When the Moon is full, the Sun is synched up with Pluto, for a vitalized purging and resettling. In the month of Capricorn, we find our center again, and our footing. As we dig deeper for what it takes to fulfill our potential, we come up against presumptions, conditioned responses, emotional baggage.”
“So pay attention to the feelings that circulate up to the surface. Look at survival fears, and practical ways to feel more secure.”
© Copyright 2012-2013  Molly Hall. All Rights Reserved 
Lastly from Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“We’ve got a Full Moon coming! This Full Moon at 8 Capricorn-Cancer is deep, sensitive, self-organizing, penetrating, and offers us all the possibility of moving into a higher way of life through imitating whatever is needed to feel that life as ours.”
“This two weeks opens the door to a life renewal for those who “hear the call,” and through showing mastery at “flying by the seat of the pants,” many will find themselves accepting higher responsibilities.”
“…Ultimately this is an initiating, transformative Full Moon, and given the aspects in play, the next two weeks will be self-gathering, nurturing, and rich in experiences…”
“…As with the last couple of Full Moons, due to the intensification and prominence of Scorpio energies, this one can also put us in touch with a deeper reality, or a deeper feeling of connection with others as well as our own emotional depth. This one is enormously productive in fostering elimination of the old and regeneration of magnetism to attract what is needed in the now-future.”
“…One important thing to note. In this chart, as in the past two Full Moon charts, Neptune direct is again EXACTLY opposed to TransPluto, the planet symbolizing Divine Mother Energy. That is one factor in why things are so incredibly polarized right now, and why all of humanity must be as compassionate as possible while demonstrating Viveka, or Divine Discrimination. This is offering us all to join together in the Great Mother and realize our interrelatedness on a feeling level with All-That-Is.”
“…I suspect there will be some very specialized opportunities over the next few months to introduce “Divine Mother energy” into the magnetics of situations helping them transcend limitations, and those who have cultivated interactive compassion and/or intuition will find themselves attracted to situations of larger influence, if subtle or behind the scenes.”
© Copyright 2012-2013  Robert Wilkinson. All Rights Reserved 
 Have a peaceful, BLESSED & joyous holiday!