Loving this beautiful channelled message from Merlin via  Sharon Taphorn:
“If it feels like there is too much going on all at once and you don’t know what to do, or if you need to stop for a moment and take a breath, do so as this will help you gather your thoughts and your senses and then prepare to move forward from a better place and therefore get better results for yourself. Take some to play, have some fun and release any thoughts for a bit and you will find that new and trustworthy thoughts and ideas come your way.”
You are connected to guidance always, even where you are unaware or believe and when you release your mental world and just play with all your heart, it is like taking a vacation from all of life’s challenges. This is exactly what we want you to do. It allows you to rejuvenate your senses and refresh your outlook on life itself.”
“If in the past you have not received the results you desired, it is important to release that energy too, as it can be the biggest obstacle on your path and what stands in the way of you seeing the kind of results you desire. See the gift from the situations and replace those thoughts with positive and wanted ones. Have confidence in yourself and the progress you have made and know that the brilliant new ideas that will lead to great success are available to and for you right now should you choose.”

“Whatever you desire to create for yourself, be it more money, time or effort, it is yours. There are new career opportunities, new money opportunities and a significant time for personal and spiritual growth. All things are possible; you must believe in yourself as well as trust in yourselves to be the ones. The ascended masters are so very eager to be your teachers and your guides, to work with you during this time of great change.”
“There is a need to find balance within all of you, within the totality of who you truly are. Find the balance that works best for you.  Seek moderation, co-operation and sometimes compromise. When it is the right time for you to act, you will know what to do and when to do it. Take a moment and ask to be connected with your higher purpose.  As you feel that connection, think of all the creative ways you can produce the quality work and life experience you desire.”
“You will find much joy and contentment from a job well done and knowing you did the best you could. This is a key to being in the now. Offer your thanks and gratitude for all that you have been given, big or small, and release that experience back to your angels and guides and let yourself move on and upwards to whatever next you choose. Be a team player and see that the play is finished in its completion so that you are all advancing in the light.”
“Affirmation: “I am prosperous and successful when I find my middle way. Balance, Co-operation, and Divine Timing are keys to creating joy, contentment and peace on my path toward enlightenment.”

“Have confidence in yourself. You have the ability to create exactly what you desire, and then some. See yourself succeeding and know that brilliant new ideas are coming your way, and when you act upon them, a successful outcome will occur. You are coming into your own and this is your time to shine. New partnerships, contracts or careers are in store for those who are continuing to move forward and empowering themselves to be more.”

“If there feels like too much is going on all at the same time, just prioritize what you must do first and know that it will get done when it is finished. Consider a more playful approach and make it fun in some way. This allows for fresh new creative options to be present to you and you will then know what you need to do. Find your footing and keep your balance, for happy outcomes are assured.”
“Affirmation: “I expect happy outcomes as I focus on my goals and desires and continue to move forward.”
“You have great inner fortitude. There is great strength in your spirit and you are immensely resilient. Renew yourself, review your life and release any harsh judgments you have about yourself, the choices you have made and certainly your thoughts and feelings you hold of others. Assess the facts so that you can move on in a new direction and see things from another light. You always have a choice; that is one of the joys of the human experience. Know that forgiveness and compassion are gifts you give yourself and that feeling you send out is your gift to humanity.”
“Celebrate the joy and contentment that spring from a job well done, and know that it takes you steps closer on your path of ascension and toward enlightenment. If it is expansion that you seek, listen to your intuition, trust your inner voice and have patience with yourself. You will get better at it the more you use it and it will lead you to the places you wish to go. Release any resistances as it is the resisting that you end up places you wish you had not gone and know when you got there that there surly was an easier way.”

Consider carefully what you want and the actions that you take, as these truly are representing where and who you are. Trust that all is well and in your connection with yourself and you will feel confident in accepting the opportunities that are being offered to you at this time.  Know that it is you who truly controls the divine timing of your creations by your actions, your thoughts and readiness for that step.”

“Affirmation: “I am successfully accomplishing the steps I need to take to get me where I want to go. I take each step with confidence and clarity knowing I am fully connected to my guidance.”
“Spend time in meditation. Your masters, guides and angels have much spiritual teaching and wisdom to share with you and are ever so happy to be indulged in such a fashion. We love the ceremony and the splendor of celebration when you connect with our lights and are so thrilled to be a part of your journey of self-discovery as we form new partnerships and move forward.”
“You are coming into your own and so expect there to be some tremendous leaps and bounds in how you experience your life. Be open to the possibilities and expect more for and from yourselves. Be sure that you have healed any sadness in your heart as this often blocks you from moving forward in the manner of which we speak and so take that time to heal.”

“Meditation is the perfect vehicle that leads to an understanding of the gift in the experience and the transformation to thoughts of love. Be sure that you have forgiven yourself and others for any perceived misdeeds and again, see only love. Healing of the heart is an important part of the human journey as it is an important piece of the evolution and transformation you are experiencing.”
“Affirmation: “I am connecting and communicating with my guides and angels in daily meditation and I am receiving clearly the messages that I need to assist me on my path.”

“Trust that skilled work is rewarded. Learn all there is to know about any topic or chosen path as this will lead you to the rewards that you seek. This can include taking continuing education in areas of personal growth and healing and for some of you even school. There is always room to grow for all of us and this includes those you call the masters. There is much to learn and teach and so much all around you that is ready to expand.”
“Brilliant new ideas and aspirations are coming to you as release challenges that were first experienced in the beginning. See everything as healed and as it truly is. It is usually the most powerful experiences that lead to change and this is why you often choose the paths you do. There is always another way and umpteen possibilities when you broaden your prospective and your vision. It is time to spread your wings and trust in the seeds that you have planted. Nourish them and give them time to grow.”

“Keep your thoughts and feelings positive and focused on the growth and expansion that you seek. Trust in the events unfolding as the best to get you where you want to go. Choose your battles wisely and stand your ground with love and wisdom as these are the keys to help you create the changes and transformations that create the kind of world you know you can.”
“Let us work together to awaken, enlighten and ignite the path. This is the time to hone your skills and talents to help you create the land of your dreams.”
“I am yours, Master Merlin”

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights