It’s amazing to tune in to the cosmos and become aware of the larger planetary and energetic shifts that are happening. In this web of interconnectivity, we are all affected through energy. We can feel as the energy collectively shifts. Here are gathered insights on the recent energetic movements in our solar system.
The nature of the cosmos is such that there is information and revelation inherent in everything. Astrologers have learned the art of mapping these cosmic shifts in energy and interpreting the signs for us. With each new movement, new energy comes in as an archetypal pattern that we can all feel. We can use the knowledge of “what is happening in the stars” as our guide.
Our bodies are 75 percent water and just like the waves in our oceans are affected by the moon so are our internal waters affected by the moon’s movement. If we can become tuned in to the energetic fluctuations of the collective field, we can better flow in our daily rhythms by knowing when it’s time to go in and reflect, and when it’s time to move and make things happen.
Grateful to the seers who can read the maps of the stars for sharing their knowledge with us~~~