Here is an overview of the collective energy of the Astrology for May 2015 from the always illuminating Sarah Varcas and her
“May 2015 raises the issue of relationship: with ourselves, each other and our environment both near and far. We simply cannot go it alone, is the basic message of this month, nor can we expect others to do it for us.
“It is time to take full responsibility for ourselves whilst simultaneously recognizing that we do nothing in isolation. Every thought, word and deed impacts and is impacted by everyone and everything around us.
“We act both as individuals and as a collective, standing alone and forever entwined. Within this central paradox of the human condition is found the mystery of the divine which expresses itself through us, as us and aside from us.
Recognizing ourselves as both instruments of creation and creators in our own right is necessary now, for we must, in coming months, be clear in our actions, knowing what is needed to further the common good rather than focusing only on what serves our personal gain.
“The two cannot be separated now, for if personal gain contravenes the common good we will reap only isolation. And if the common good appears as an obstacle to personal gain a realignment of priorities may be required.
“The coming month brings a gradual shift in energy from the earthy physicality of April to a more changeable, cerebral energy as first Mercury (1st May), then Mars (12th May), then the Sun (21st May) enter airy Gemini.
“This contact-driven sign which seeks to communicate and connect, rarely settling anywhere for too long before attention is drawn to the next thing, reminds us to look up and around, to interact with those people, places and possibilities that co-exist all around us.
“The web of connectivity which binds us to each other and all beings, is as if illuminated now like never before. It needs our awareness and consideration: a wakeful response to the unavoidable truth that we are, indeed, one.
“Whilst April saw us learning to live with an unknown future, in May we begin to seek answers and forge some plans. There is movement afoot and progress. The key issue, however, remains the direction and nature of progress made. ‘Don’t jump the gun’ is still good advice despite the gathering of planets in flexible Gemini.
“It is important to honour process now, not side-step it to more quickly reach our desired destination. We will get to where we’re going when we get there and we may not find out where it is until we do. In the meantime, May offers insight which will help optimise choices to be made in the coming months.
“A Full Moon in Scorpio on 4th May demands much but offers more. It reminds us that what we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves does not fade away but instead seeps out here and there. The human psyche may be adept at avoidance when necessary, but we do not simply eradicate something from our energy field purely by wishing it away.
“Only by facing who and what we are can we change. We cannot complete a puzzle without looking at it, nor can we recreate ourselves without knowing the raw materials available for the task. This Moon shines her light on the darkest places within, reminding us that what we find in the shadows deserves our love and attention as much as anything we willfully bring into the light.
“Revelations around the time of this Moon will inform the rest of the month, for what we see now is truth. It may not be palatable but we must acknowledge it nonetheless, refusing to turn away.
“In it are revealed the components for the next phase of our journey. Not nice and shiny newly polished personality parts that we happily place on display, but the tarnished, blackened artefacts we prefer to overlook or at least set aside for another day. That other day is now.
“Our future creativity relies upon our willingness to unleash the shadow and allow it expression in the light of awareness. This is how we truly come to know ourselves as whole.
“Being whole, complete, integrated is a significant theme this month. It is not that we must be it, but that we must commit to the process of becoming it. This is something altogether different! It takes time and sometimes trouble, a willingness to be honest and open, vulnerable.
A commitment to wholeness is a commitment to being unpopular at times, sometimes out of step, often challenged and challenging. It is not an easy ride but it is a liberating one and May places fuel in our spiritual tanks for the journey ahead.
“We may encounter a number of challenges, even crises, this month. Each, when lived fully with as much awareness as possible, has the capacity to take us ever deeper into the sacred space within, where dwells all the wisdom we could ever need.
Each moment of this month is geared to bringing out of us what we already know, what already lives, hidden but vibrant, inside. We may find ourselves covering familiar ground, encountering patterns we thought were left behind.
“But there’s no need for alarm. We haven’t slipped back into old ways and out of new possibilities. Instead we can demonstrate our willingness to change by responding to familiar dynamics in wholly new ways. There is something of an experimental air about this process, an opportunity to ‘act as if’ and see what happens.
“If you encounter old problems, familiar feelings, that same old argument with the same old person or a recurring obstacle you just can’t seem to surmount, resolve to try a different response, adopt a different attitude. If you always did ‘X’ try ‘Y’ for a change.
Dare to be different, to stray from the script, ad lib for a while and see what happens. So little is set in stone right now that it would be a waste to stick with tried and tested methods, especially when they have gotten us nowhere fast before!
“Only by daring to be someone we haven’t yet been can we discover the full range of options available to us. Only in trying out the new can we discover what truly makes our heart sing in resonance and our spirit rise up to cry freedom.
“From 10th May to the month end Asteroid Juno is conjunct Jupiter. In myth Juno and Jupiter were husband and wife, so this astrological alignment once again raises the issue of relationship and the specter of the sacred marriage within and without.
“Juno speaks of commitment which endures and those areas of life in which a long term perspective is of most value. For some it may not be a love relationship but instead a dedication to work or family. There may be a cause that consumes us or a deep desire whose fulfillment has become the purpose of our life.
“In our hearts we each know where Juno calls us into long term commitment and why. We may resist at times, preferring a shorter and more expedient route, but she forever reminds us that some of the best results mature over time and develop in layers. They simply cannot be spun out of thin air on a whim and a prayer, for the process is as important as the outcome.
“In her conjunction with Jupiter, Juno invites reflection on where and why we commit. What do we seek by doing so and whose purpose do we serve?
“An alignment with Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that the most powerful commitments are those in which we are prepared to offer ourselves up to the process rather than seek the outcome, allowing the fusion of our energy with that of another person, place or cause, to work its magic deep within us.
“Likewise, if we harbor misplaced commitments some cutting of ties may be necessary. Time and energy are too precious to waste in places parched of life-giving spirit.
“We are all called, this month, to cast-aside rose-tinted glasses and take a long, hard look at where we expend our energy and why. Doing so now will give us a head start when Saturn begins to square Neptune later this year and illusions without substance dissolve like melting snow.
“A New Moon in Taurus on 18th May offers pragmatism together with intuitive knowing about where true soul connections are found. It is these we must nurture in the coming months as we approach the Saturn/Neptune alignment which will take us through 2016.
“We are currently choosing our teams and finding our tribe. They may not turn out to be who we anticipated but as we’ve already seen, this is a time of doing things differently, not repeating old patterns whilst hoping for new results.
“The future is still unformed and up for grabs. We are creating it here and now as we speak, think, act and feel. This month we can reflect on who we want beside us in this next creative phase.
“Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on 19th May (until 11th June), supporting just such reflection. Rather than disrupting communication this Mercury enhances it if we truly seek for honest exchange rather than surface platitudes.
“It shows us where we align with others and where our paths diverge; where we need the lightest touch, moving on without so much as a backward glance, and where we need to connect and engage to establish deeper intimacy.
“If we find ourselves frustrated by communication breakdown or growing inter-personal distance, it may well be that the distance was always there but is simply more obvious now and can no longer be ignored.
“Once the Sun enters Gemini on 21st May we can better access the flexibility needed to rapidly assess the world around us and make the best decisions accordingly. A square between Neptune and Mars from 21st to the month end, incorporating Mercury from 26th, requires careful handling.
Honesty is called for, especially the risky kind. Whatever we try to hide or deny at this point will make itself doubly felt in a month’s time when Mercury travels direct across the same zodiac degrees. Far better that we deal with things now, no matter how difficult it may seem.
“Honesty is most definitely the best policy as May comes to an end, which is especially worth bearing in mind if it is someone else’s honesty we would rather avoid! Thoughts and feelings shared authentically now, even if tough to hear, lay the groundwork for deeper intimacy in due course.
“If there is much to be aired at this point it is because much has been avoided previously. How we proceed from here, especially in our most significant relationships, rests upon how well we embrace the current challenge to be straight, honest and true in all that we say and all that we do.
“Honesty sounds simple but can be incredibly hard at times! We barely notice the petty deceptions and denials of our everyday consciousness, so familiar we become with their presence. But as May comes to a close they will become increasingly evident, as will the consequences of allowing them free reign.
“It is time to take ourselves in hand, express what we think, how we feel and invite others to do the same. If we can all do this with the courageous compassion fitting of a spiritual warrior who pursues deep truth above all else, we can emerge victorious together, honoring the priceless value of both sharing and receiving truth with an open heart and an expansive mind.
“Your truth, my truth, personal and ultimate truth. All need to be aired. In doing so we meet ourselves and each other, deepen our connections and foster the trust and intimacy necessary for the road ahead.
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