Here is a wonderful read of the new energies coming in this month from the always insightful Molly Hall from
“April… 2013 begins with the sunny spirits of a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Moon. Jupiter is that tingle you get when the universe seems to conspire in your favor. And the lucky star Jupiter is the light that stays bright in April, when all others have gone out.”
“Jupiter is inspiration and the vision of the ideal, the friendly ‘wanderer’ who keeps us from giving up, even if the reality in 3 D is dark.”
“The Jupiter inside ourselves is the seeker and the eternal optimist. Early April aspects revive the ‘I am’ of Aries, the animation that makes us feel so alive. With Jupiter (Gemini) smiling on Aries-inspired big personality, there is largesse of spirit in this – we encourage each other to go big!”
“April’s energy is exuberant, with the Sun in bold fire Aries. Soak up any rays outside, or a pulse within, that propels you to start something new, take a risk and get moving physically. A rhythm of this month as Aries (Sun) takes root in earthy Taurus (April 19th) is the momentum to plant seeds, quickly set things in motion…and then stabilize your creation.”
“No other time of the year gives us as much sense of pure, undiluted Selfhood. April arrays encourage celebration of that unique being we each are. Venus and Mars dance together this month (April 6th) in Aries, and love fools rush in. The ardor of Aries helps shy lovers overcome hesitation and bold ones meet their match.”
“The spirit of pursuit is strong. If you’re seeking a beloved, get involved in activities that have a thrill for you. Be visible where kindred spirits meet-up. Tune in to the wild child, and see where the day takes you. A new love or friendship could be in the works.”
Aries New Moon (April 10th)
“Fire is very freeing, as it purifies, to make way for the new. This Aries lunation at 21 degrees (April 10th) has extra oomph for dramatic, even forceful demos – actions that signal you’re moving ahead with a lighter load. You cut loose from what smothers your fire, and release accoutrements of an old identity.”
Testing Time
“Jupiter is about expansion, and its natural complementary buddy is Saturn. Jupiter is the beacon of the future, and Saturn’s concern is making sure the life structure is the right container for it. Great News! Saturn is also working its magic in April, to make sure your vessel is ready for the journey.”
It’s important not to get discouraged, if you have setbacks after the feverish optimism of the Aries New Moon. The overarching demand is for psychic/psychological renewal – to compost what’s old, as food for the new. See Saturn aspects, for days to avoid too much stress, and to let the changes sink into your psyche. Take time for integration – this too is Saturn’s call, especially in the sign of Scorpio.”
“The mutual reception (in each others signs) of Saturn and Pluto figures prominently. First Pluto turns retrograde (April 12) in the neatly synchronistic number 12 (so important in astrology). Pluto’s churning backwards (from our vantage point) to September 20th will unearth more and put what’s dying out of its misery.”
“We know Pluto is in Capricorn. the sign of institutions – economic, corporate, tribal, governmental. What’s seemed on shaky ground recently, will meet Pluto, a great spiritual force for deep reform. The more identified we are with the dying structures, the more painful it will be, as is Pluto’s way.”
“Where are the cracks letting the light in? What unexpected opportunities is this breakdown creating for you – what revelations?”
“If there’s been a struggle to keep life going, as it is, under enormous pressure…there can be a great release in letting go. Pluto will trine Venus-Taurus (April 24th), for deep whole body sighs from healing and trusting the natural cycles. A great day for massage, sensual-sexual healing or some other way decompress.”
Eclipse Time (April 25th)
“This is the first in a series of three! There’s a Scorpio Full Moon lunar eclipse (April 25th) followed by a Taurus New Moon solar eclipse (May 9th) and finally another Full Moon lunar eclipse, this time in Sagittarius (May 25th). This trio is an opportunity to be re-made from the inside out, and to emerge with a new, more inspired philosophy!”
“April’s lunar eclipse is at 6 degrees Scorpio and heavyweight Saturn tilts the energies toward revelations about reality. It can be hard to find the usual escape routes – Saturn has a way of blocking exits, to bring a point home.”
“It’s an eclipse chart with Saturn (psychic reality) in opposition to a Taurus stellium (Sun, Venus, Mars). The monsters in the closet — something denied or under tight control — could seem to threaten the sense of stability. However, keep it mind that Pluto and Scorpio (the sign it rules), are ultimately forces that aid in our healing. They mirror our own capacity to turn inner lead into gold — to discover the treasure within.”
“Consider how we know that through adversity comes strength, and facing what’s there can lead to great spiritual power. When you’ve faced the shadows within, there is nothing to run from…nothing to fear. I see this as a great moment to claim emotional and psychic sovereignty. This makes you less vulnerable to manipulation, and able to make the most of your inner treasure.”
Becoming the One
So for April, don’t give up on a dream, if it seems out of reach. Trust the deep work of Pluto-Saturn, and their combined transforming effects in your life. This is your ability to endure the messy in-between, when it feels like we’re going backwards. There is a great deconstruction happening for many, that will reveal that there is another way to live.”
“Some of that has to do with assumptions of the culture that are being questioned. Another piece is the inner journey, and resolving issues, often entanglements that drain or distract. April shows us how to become the one – in our overcoming of adversities and inner resistance — that can create that bright future!
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