Here is brother Kaypacha once again sharing his weekly wisdom and insights…
“Whenever I am too afraid,
To speak and own my truth,
My light goes dim, I wilt within,
Disappointing both me and you.”
He says:
“A little closer look at the shadow of Sag as the Sun moves into oppose Lilith there. She holds many deep secrets to a meaningful purpose in life that begins with owning that we know it! It’s all there/here for us! It just takes some guts to spit it out now and then eh?
“The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sag, and Pisces get a week of ‘truth-telling’ this week where you may hear some truths that are difficult to swallow and/or you need to deliver some medicine to others yourself.
“Remembering not to be overly blunt, brash, and abrasive with yourself or others (Venus conjunct Uranus) will help that medicine go down a little easier. Gentle now!

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