Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrological download…
“To determine whether I’m selfish,
Or simply honoring my needs,
I can look to the heart of the other,
And see the effects of my deeds.”
In the report says:
“This might be a time when you just want to withdraw, you don’t want to get out of bed, you just want to sleep or just eat or drink… (feeling) it’s just too hard out there listening to the other person, feeling the other person’s feelings and having these difficult conversations that have to do with what, integrity, honesty, truth, what’s going down and what’s coming down. (But they are necessary) So that we can built trust and establish deeper commitments and deeper relationships that release unleash more primal power through more cooperation and trust and unity consciousness.”
Kaypacha adds: 
“Very interesting time period we have here!  It is a time of great forward progress occurring through limited outward activity!  Hard to find the words for this!  The retrogrades point to meditative inward pursuits directed toward uncovering personal truths. 
“Simultaneously, the grand trine with Sun/Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto reflects this as a time to envision, think the future.  To me, this adds up to the perfect time to be working behind the scenes toward a future as yet unformed with steadfastness and tenaciousness. 
“So while it may look from the outside like we are not doing anything or going anywhere, we are in fact readying to blow the doors off in the not too distant future!  Practicing patience and delayed gratification can allow the universal energies to embellish our projects with It’s own unique flavor.”



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