Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrological download…
“To be truly loved, you must see my soul,
For that to happen I need to let go,
Of protecting and hiding and needing control,
And admit that you have what I need to grow.”
He says:
“Should be an interesting weekend with the Moon moving through the ‘personal signs’ (Cancer/Leo) while everything else but Uranus is traversing the transpersonal signs. This can be really exciting for some folks getting surprises from their friends and loved ones.
“It can be challenging for others who get shocked or upset by individuals or institutions blocking or limiting their freedom. The Moon opp Mars/Pluto will stir up our emotions one way or the other and expose patterns we may wish to change.
“In general, this is a time of adjusting, cooperating, and working together to achieve our goals. Going it alone these next few months (as tempting as it may be!) will not yield the highest/best results as the learning is that community is where it’s at for the future.
“May you willingly and openly unite with others and have a good time together!”


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