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ART: Arthur Burgess

Here is brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his weekly wisdom and insights.
“My consciousness is a chalice,
For Spirit Light from above,
My wishes, needs, fears, and desires,
Then color what I call love.”
He says:
“As I mentioned in last week’s report, it is no surprise that violence has broken out on the world stage with the aspects we are now experiencing.
“As I discuss in this report, especially with Mars conjuncting Lilith all week and then moving toward Pluto, we could experience even more violent behavior in many realms. While I could perhaps be labeled an escapist, idealist, or ignorant of the situation, I hold to this week’s mantra and explain my reasoning in the report.
“During times of stress and strife, it is important to both remain aware of the situation AND maintain an even stronger spiritual practice to keep your ‘chalice’ (container) clean and strong.
“Besides the world stage, many are also facing big (sometimes sudden) changes of direction/values in their personal lives. This mantra (along with the kundalini yoga I and others offer) can help build inner strength and peaceful calm that we can assist others as well as ourselves to make the big changes needed.
“Go for it!”