“Oracles are subtle message from the universe around us that teach and guide us on our paths. We needn’t have a rational system of interpretation for understanding the messages.”
“There is a web that connects each of us with everything that is….The ancients honored the web over everything, worshiping the Moon Goddess as the weaver of destiny: a giant spider sitting at the center of the universe, creating the universe from her center. From her belly she spins something form nothing, everything from the empty space within…” 
“A woman shaman, like a spider spinning,, must learn to lead from the womb. To move our attention from the head to the belly, from the mind to the body, a woman must learn to read the signals and to trust them.”
“Otherwise she’ll never be sure about the difference between her intuition and those fearful little voices in her head that tell her to be cautious, stop, don’t and so on.”
“Something needs to validate the intuitive movements along the way, something needs to function as teacher or guide. That something is synchronicity as a way of life, a path of steady observation and response to the little messages that come from the environment every day: sensations in the body, encounters and events that happen in the outer world, the way things line up in linear time, all the little miracles.”
~Vicky Noble from Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World 
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