A  roaring NEW MOON in LEO is upon us sparking creativity and originality and igniting our passions with soul aligned purpose. 
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the inspired KELLEY ROSANO:
“The Sun, Moon and Venus are coupled in Leo…
“You are encouraged to be a powerful creator. Be unique. Be who-you-really-are. Be creative. Come from your heart. Be love…”
“The Leo New Moon lights a creative fire in you. You are the author of your life. You are creating your reality. You are the King or Queen of your universe. You are a precious soul of light…”
You were born for these transitional times. You came to create. You are here to make a difference. You are a player in a grand experiment. You are a change agent. You are an emissary of our New Earth…”
“The New Moon is flooding you with Light empowering you to release the past. Heal your heart. Create your life based on your authentic nature.”
Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO All Rights Reserved
From MOLLY HALL from Astrology/About.com:
“The spirit of a new beginning is alive at the New Moon, with Uranus in fresh starts Aries fanning the flames.
“This is no time for watered down, diluted, spacey collective-speak.  The theme of the lunation is your one-of-a-kindness, and its creative power.  So much pulls us into abstract ideas and a soul-sapping culture that has us on the outside looking in.
“Don’t miss this potent chance to rededicate yourself as the center of your own universe.  You retrieve parts of yourself that cry out for attention, but that are stuffed down in the ennui of the everyday.  From what has punch and color, and runs like a thread of gold through your life since time immemorial, is the focus.
“Acting from that place brings up vulnerability, the stuff of art and bare-naked soul intimacy.  To be present through that creative chaos is to be living at what poet David Whyte calls ‘the fierce edges of life.’
“Leo is about whole-hearted engagement in life. And New Moons give you a chance to renew yourself, and draw from the rich and restful void…”
Copyright 2015 ~MOLLY HALL All Rights Reserved
From CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This New Moon in Leo is about developing our leadership abilities. To lead means to take a stand on what you’re passionate about.
“To lead is to explore the unknown and leave the known behind. To lead is to act courageously despite your fears. Both the King and the Queen within us want to do just that.
“Leo invites us on a journey of self-discovery—to find our unique vision and create it with joy and love. There is a generosity to Leo, an open-heartedness that isn’t afraid of the give and take of life…”
“With Venus joining this New Moon, the seeds we plant are full of the beauty, grace, wisdom and joy of the end of this Venus cycle…
“She’s giving us time to re-birth ourselves into our royal nature. Everything we create is meant to benefit the ‘whole’.
“Venus retrograde brings harmony and centeredness to this New Moon offering. Exactly what we need to find our focus, to meet our challenges, to renew our energies. “
Copyright 2015 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
This New Moon is exceptionally potent as it is conjunct the asteroid Eros- whose name is the root word of erotic. The erotic encompasses more than just sexuality- it is about the fire that burns inside and it is ultimately about passion for life.
“As the only Sun-ruled sign, Leo is very much in touch with this inner passion and fervor and with Eros on the New Moon we have a huge call to own our desires, passions, creativity and originality in new and deeper ways…”
“On Saturday the 15th we have the Sun/Venus conjunction- which marks the midpoint of the Venus Retrograde cycle we are in that began on July 25th and ends on September 6th…
“Another really important aspect configuration in the New Moon chart is the Sun/Moon/Venus alignment linking up with the Uranus/Chiron semisextile…
“The Highest expression of this New Moon lining up with Uranus and Chiron is to use the new cycle being seeded as a time to face what we need to face and bring the Bright Light of consciousness to the darkest places within us that cannot see the Light…”
“Chiron’s tense aspect to the Sun, Moon and Venus in Leo in the New Moon chart can bring up deep, ancient wounds and pain around shame, self-worth, self-value and ego (from childhood or past lives).
“If we undervalue ourselves and think we are worthless or if we overvalue ourselves and think we are better than everyone else- both are coming from a wounded expression of ego.
“This New Moon seeks to find the middle point where we can own our shadow without letting it define us, where we can face our shit without wallowing in it and where we can embody our Light without hubris.
“There’s a collective piece to this but also a personal piece- and we each can get insight into our own personal piece at the time of this New Moon (so pay attention and listen to the Divine Message being sent your way).”
Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
*NEW MOON* Blessings to all!


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