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The airways have been filled with turbulence and sensitivities, fractals and flutterings ready for transmutation.
Each of us is carrying our own rubix to solve, which more often than not is in a state of motley parts, but what is life but an unsolved mystery.
Gemini activates the thinking realms, the imagination and the mental channels, seeking patterns, connection and purpose.
Yet sometimes, we can spin the wheels working too hard to solve the riddles.
Times like these call for a letting go of the need to know, and an opening up to the ways in which our trust in life needs to grow.
The Earth calls us to sit and wait and listen.
So we can catch the shooting stars of revelation twinkling forth from the beyond.
They hold clues to our new understanding, and all will be revealed in due time.
Breathe through the impulses that threaten to dismantle.
Now is a very good time for grounding, and  for finding our way back to the path of our hearts.
Breathe. Ground. Continue.
Gently, on the Earth, connect with Her.
She holds us, as we move through the darkness of the moon.
This *NEW MOON* in Gemini aptly reflects the Gemini trait of being multi-faceted.
There are many interpretations, many ways it can seen, conceptualized and experienced. How we will experience this Moon is precisely the medicine she brings us, which is awareness of how our emotions influence our thoughts and vice versa.
So here are our ASTRAL INSIGHTS with some highlighted perspectives on this multi-faceted Gemini New Moon and what this period might stir in us.
As always take only what resonates, so that it may serve your highest truth and unfolding.
LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology says:
“…this is a messy period where sometimes we don’t know what to think.
“…We need silence to think as well as space to speak.
“Perhaps it is one of those times when there are no straight answers.
“All we can do then is to keep a dialogue open and keep questioning, keep learning.
“Asteroid Chaos (#19521) is conjunct the New Moon, capturing the mood of the moment.
“Conversations now may not go the way we anticipated. Topics veer from the original intent.
“Mentally we could simply feel all over the place.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
 PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology says:
“A New Moon in Gemini is a time to consider how we want to direct our thinking process rather than passively allowing our minds to dictate our flow of consciousness.
“Our thoughts are the doorway to our emotions. As we go through life, we consider our experiences as good or bad, happy or sad, joyful or depressing, and of course all variations in between those extremes.
“Our feelings, then, are strongly affected by how we choose to think and what we choose to think about.
“If our minds are intact and healthy, the choice is truly ours, even though at times we all feel under the control of our thoughts.
“This connection between thoughts and emotions will be even more apparent starting this week, due to Mercury entering sensitive Cancer on Tuesday.
“Mercury represents our thinking capacity; with the planet in Cancer until June 28, our thoughts will more naturally turn to those issues that provoke an emotional response throughout the next couple of weeks.
“In the positive, Mercury in Cancer increases our capacity for empathy and for communicating in a caring way. As we hear information, we open our hearts and allow ourselves to feel what another feels.
“But, in the negative, Mercury in Cancer can increase our sense of vulnerability, so that we more easily become defensive and may shift quickly into fight-or-flight mode.”
© Copyright 2018 ~PAM YOUNGHANS All Rights Reserved


“This New Moon makes a tense aspect to Mars on the karmic South Node- exact the exact same day as the New Moon.
“Mars is in his front end shadow of his retrograde journey (ever since May 12th) and he will station retrograde on June 26th…
“Rash, impulsive, reactive and aggressive actions taken can be very, very karmic.
“Mars retrograde is NOT a time to initiate new things (relationships, life directions, partnerships and more) but instead a time to deal with the past…
“The ruling planet of this New Moon is Mercury who is in water Cancer. The airy mind is in a water sign- our thoughts can get confused with our emotions…
“We need to discern what is a carry over from the past. Where are certain thoughts, beliefs or emotions stuff that we have taken on since childhood and it’s time to let them go?
Navigate communication terrain with high levels of consciousness and awareness is key.
“It’s also important to question our thoughts and feelings- as spiraling out in them can lead into dark places…
“An asteroid that stands out is Pandora on Mars and the South Node. Already Mars and the karmic South Node in rebellious Aquarius can be a bit like Pandora’s box.
“Add in Pandora and we really really REALLY need to be aware of what doors we are opening, what doors we are shutting and what we are setting into motion.
“With pandora we can start a ball rolling we really wish we did not roll. If in doubt DO NOT ACT.
“That is the wisdom of Mars in front end shadow about to go retrograde. If it’s truly meant to be it will work out after summer is over.
“It can wait. You can wait. You do not want to initiate something during such a karmic time…
“I leave you with Ellias Lonsdale’s Star Sparks meditations for the degree of the New Moon as well as Mercury (the ruling planet of the New Moon). 
“They are both insightful and deeply meditative (so read on below).
© Copyright 2018 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved


Gemini 23 A tunnel created by trees
“Seeing something which others miss. Knowing there is a way through. Being guided to remain aligned within that path through and beyond…
“A destiny which depends upon the reordering to keep coming at fresh angles into a space of cosmic truth.
“When we can once again uncover the interior pattern amidst the world rubble, it shouts out at us that a bright future awaits us all and that it is time for that vista to be celebrated and brought to the forefront and made the basis for all of our choices…”
Cancer 3 A set of surgical instruments
“We are tapped to the finest extent. We are made to be whatever will serve to bring a light, a quickening, a sharp pulse to stay with this purely. We are made for quintessential tasks. All of our fruition lies in making ourselves available in this wondrous true way…
“We are called in at just the right hour to weave, to intervene, to make a difference. Whichever facet of our being is asked at this particular occasion, becomes for us the one that will allow us to open the space, to bring the light through.
“Darkness, heaviness, strangeness accompany us everywhere. The deeper our commitment to light, the larger our retinue of dark events and companions. We are given such a load to carry. We are asked to make it light by the way we bear it, even into learning and discovering that nothing is ever wrong, nothing is so dark after all.
“We work off karma, we stay with the old. What is familiar keeps us responding on cue. We spiral under, through the places we’ve been before and the ways we’ve gotten stuck there.
“One touch is golden. Our focus is so sharp and clear. Our life calling is bottomlessly on the beam. Whatever we need to do, we can. For we are past masters in the art of manifesting spirit in depths of substantive form.
“We cannot stop refining, essentialzing, honing the task. Something propels us insistently to be there on that spot and save those lives and care about what happens.
“We come from a million miles away. A part of ourselves is detached. In some ways, we aren’t even here. We’re just touching in for awhile. Yet in the midst of our rounds, the earth life reaches through and grabs us and won’t let us go.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved

 APRIL ELLIOTT KENT from Mooncircles.com reflects:
“Most mere mortals do get tired of being ourselves, at least a little bit, at some point.
“It’s a feeling that has been known to provoke dramatic gestures, especially if you’ve built a life based on denial of your essential or evolving nature.
“If you’ve seen someone walk out on a successful career, for instance, or a long marriage, you might wonder how things ever reached such a drastic denouement.
“But you can be just as trapped by success as by failure. And as a client once remarked to me, the sweetest part of a happy marriage—the fact that there is another person who knows your stories as well as you do and who has a certain investment in them—can also make you feel you have little freedom to rewrite your life if you get the urge…
“It’s so easy to trivialize Gemini, to dismiss it as a fickle… But that is ..the perspective of someone who hasn’t yet learned about the tyranny of definition. 
“When you’ve spent decades writing, editing, and telling your own life stories, you begin to see Gemini quite differently.
“Is it fickle to decide that you want the opportunity to explore something new about yourself, or is it a response to something primal and creative?”
“Each year, at the Gemini New Moon, we embark on a road trip for which destination and outcome are entirely beside the point.
“The Gemini season is for learning and reinvention, not for decisions…where there is nothing but room—room to be someone different for awhile, to let your imagination breathe, and to create a new story for yourself.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ APRIL ELLIOTT KENT  All Rights Reserved


And finally CATHY PAGANO says:
“We need to let that old perspective die and open up to new ways of understanding and imagining ourselves and the world…
“Each and every one of us. Like stepping out of the Matrix. It’s time to go into the forest of the heart and open to the magic of life and death and rebirth.
“Evolution happens!
“So, do you believe in Magic? For magic is part of our new story.
“It’s about communicating with all of life – to learn how you fit into the web of life energies. 
“Behold there is Magic all around us!
“Are you willing to listen to the voice of your unconscious, the voice of Mother Nature..animals and plants…
“Can you see both the magic and the practical realityThis New Moon in Gemini gives us that opportunity…
“The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 23* Gemini is: Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree. 
“With 3 as the number of process and birds symbolizing the higher mind and its messages, we get to be inspired, original, inventive and imaginative in our responses to life.
“These fledglings are young and so need time to develop. Don’t rush things – there are many retrograde planets around now.
“It’s all about seeing through magical eyes now.
“The tree of life will protect these visions until they’re ready to fly. Plant those magical seeds and see what develops!
“..We usually first ask the magic for our own benefit…But this is the time to ask the magic for help with our society, with our communities and with our families and tribes. 
It’s not just about me but about us.
“…For too long our patriarchal society has been all about the ‘rugged individual’ who doesn’t need help, who can pull himself up by the bootstraps and make a fortune. 
“The new story is that we’re all in this together, so we help each other. And that means, our individual purpose will be supportive of that.
“You don’t have to see the whole picture or know the whole story yet. Just step onto the road and see where it takes you.
“And open your vision to see things in a new light.”
© Copyright 2018 ~ CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
Blessings and all my love!
*N E W  M O O N*
June 13th 12:43 am PDT
June 13th 7:43 pm GMT
June 14th 5:45 am AEST