Yay! We are all looking forward to easier flow and forward moving energies… If we seized the energy of the retrograde to re-flect, re-imagine, and re-invent, we can now go with the forward flow into the implementation of our dreams….we have the universal  support to put our insights into action ;)
Here’s what Leon Knighton Tallarico from Perspectives from the Sky  has to say about Mercury, the Winged Messenger going direct…
“This week Mercury goes back direct…After August 8 the “airwaves” will be getting more clear,  therefore direction and mental clarity will be lifted from the fog.  Slowly over the next few days after Mercury goes back direct you will ‘see’ and perceive more clearly, human communication and electronic communication will get better. If you feel you have been in a Twilight Zone of changing perspectives and perceptions, after Mercury goes back direct issues will be more clear and you will begin to know what actions to take and what direction to move into.”
“This was an especially important Mercury Retrograde period as it followed some powerfully transformational aspects this spring and early summer, most notably the eclipses, Venus Retrograde, Venus Passage, and Uranus square Pluto.”
“After the shakeups of that period, Mercury Retrograde followed to give us pause to reflect on what we really want to do with our lives, and for many especially relationships. Now following Mercury Retrograde we will see more clearly in anticipation of more change coming this late summer and autumn…”

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Here’s what Sara Vargas from Astro Awakenings says:
“Since Mercury turned retrograde on 15th July, we’ve had an opportunity to pay attention to how we communicate, about what, to whom and why. As it now prepares to move forward once again, we have the chance to apply what we’ve learnt and implement any changes that we see are necessary…”
“There have been many communication issues arising for people in recent weeks. Misunderstandings have been rife, creating the need to clear the air and begin again, or not, as the case may be! Some relationships have fractured and failed as a result of these issues, but largely because they were already straining under the weight of things unsaid, or said in unhelpful ways, and Mercury retrograde always brings about change in these situations.”
“The heavens are giving us the opportunity to decide that how we communicate will now change for the better, no matter what. We all know what we need to do differently…However we need to adapt our communication style, now’s the time to do it. Mercury is on our side and ready to begin again. There’s most definitely a freshness in the air…!”

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