Here is our wise brother Kaypacha with the astrology overview and guidance for this week…
“The older and more objective I get,
The more I clearly see,
The world needs some serious attention,
More than a party for me.”
He says:
“Oh well, what can I say? I’m sure you’re feeling it. Beneath the holiday ‘jazz’ and jingles there is a heaviness, a doubt, a question, about the future.
“We’re coming into 2017 which is a year where we will no longer be able to ignore the BS that has been going on for so long as it will come up and smack us in the face.
“Indeed, this process of awakening has already begun. Where will it lead and what BS will be revealed next? It is anyone’s guess.
“But it is enough to make each of us take a pause, a moment, to contemplate just who we are, why we are here, what that means, and what to do about it…put down the screen and get off our butts and make social change.
“So that’s what this new Moon in Capricorn is about, and it is setting a rather serious tone for the coming month.
“Don’t let it get you down, rather, may you be inspired to creative action leading to a more evolved reality for the future of planet earth!”