Wilhelm List

ART: Wilhelm List

Here is brother Kapaycha with the weekly astrological weather!
“My challenge is to stay open, Innocent and pure,
While living a life, That has struggle and strife,
Where I need to be tough, sharp, and sure.”
He says:
Feel like we’ve been through some kind of sandstorm and now that it’s over, we have to check and see if we’re all here, alive, and together…  Such was the Mars square Sun (and of course, Venus opposite Uranus/Eris!).  A couple of big flies in the ointment!  And now that the sand has died down, we take out our binoculars and look ahead!  The expedition must go on!
“This Sun/Jupiter conjunction is a time to expand our horizons, renew our faith in relationships, love, and life, and go for it! 
“It is true that the big life changes revealed, sought, or initiated through these eclipses can almost be like mountains we have to move and they will not happen with with quick, swift blows, but let’s grab a little gusto in between those shovel fulls of mountain, eh? Injoy!”