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Here is the wonderful Kaypacha with his Weekly Astrology Report…
“The more I stand out, straight and tall,
Owning my truth before one and all,
The more I love this world I hold dear,
The more of the road to the future I clear.”
Kaypacha says:
“Alright! This is it! This is the time! We are the ones! Time to stand up tall and be counted! Don’t forget that the greater the light the darker the shadow when living in a 3D polarized world. Don’t let the ‘bad’ news dampen your powerful good self!
“It is phenomenal to have a New Moon on the Solstice...”
In the report he says:
“It’s like a call to arms and I’d like to say it’s loving arms….a call to loving arms…..It’s time to come out of the jungle and out of the woodwork and out of our hiding places and out of, you know, our hiding places where it’s quiet and safe peaceful and calm and claim yes our space. Claim your space…Be seen, claim leadership!”
“We are creating a new paradigm. With this Winter Solstice, with this New Moon we are sowing seeds now, and this seeds are going to last for a long time….
“Having the New Moon on the day of the Solstice, c’mon, I mean didn’t look at the ephemeris but this only happens I’m sure every couple of hundred years, maybe even a couple of thousand years.
“Where you have a NEW MOON on the SUN at 0 degrees of of Capricorn. Pshhh…the symbolism here is strong. It indicates a time, it indicates a season, and it indicates that it’s time for humanity, for human consciousness, to graduate.”
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