Jackie Bradnam via MYSTIC MAMMA


Here is brother Kaypacha‘s Astrological Pele Report for this week.
“When I see what’s wrong with me and the world,
I have a choice on how to react.
I can feel depressed and powerless,
Or learn, and grow less attached.”
He says in the report:
“Sometimes things have to to be cleared away so that we can grown into our fullness. And if we believe and cooperate and trust life, we are doing ourselves a favor, we are doing our neighbors a favor, we are doing the collective unconscious/we are doing humanity a favor….and it’s not escapism, it’s not denial, it’s not avoidance to consciously allow things to pass on and to move away without taking it personally and not moving into doubt and self-criticism and fear. This is not a checking out…this is conscious participation in the acts of creation.”