Here is brother Kaypacha once again illuminating the astrological landscape for us with his weekly Pele Astrology Report.
“Having been pushed and having to claw,
I’ve made my way through the birth canal.
And if I believe I will be,
The change the world has been waiting to see.”
He says:
“Now I have to put a couple of conditions on this Pele Report. Number one is…. don’t forget…. Mars doesn’t go into Sag until Saturday and a lot can happen between now and then! Second, I don’t know that I stressed enough in the report the weirdness that can go down with Mercury/Uranus this whole week. You need to be relaxed to take the curve balls that can be coming your way as Uranus is a quirky bedfellow to Mercury! It’s like the final stretch before the summit and it can be a slippery slope.”
Music by Adey