Albert Besnard


Here is brother Kaypacha with his weekly report…
“Forgiveness is understanding,
That I may never know,
Why we hurt each other,
Or which one of us needs to grow.”
Kaypacha says:
“Black Moon Lilith conjunct the north node of the Moon exact Friday but we have been feeling it a couple weeks and will feel it a couple more. However, it could well culminate around Sunday as Venus stations and goes direct as both of these signal a death/resurrection process of renewal that may be somewhat unavoidable.
“It is an excellent time to go into, sit with, feel, and heal past relationship woes, hurts, and failures.
“It is a time when memories can get triggered, feelings re-emerge, and judgments of ourselves and others come to meet us.
“It is such an opportunity, if we can actually let them come up, not ignore and stuff them back down (where they create dis-ease) and step from judgement to a state of vulnerable inquiry for Spirit to work magic within our hearts, bodies, and souls. “
In the report he says:
“Deep wounds and hurts and memories that we don’t want to feel, don’t want to remember, don’t want to re-live….right now it’s like we have to face our shadow in order to move on. Our shadow is now looming right in front of our path…a huge gate…
“This is a time of facing all of our hurts, all of our wounds…what is this shadow?”
“…it’s the unconscious and the subconscious…a dumping ground of wow I don’t want to feel that, ah I don’t want to deal with that, oh I don’t want to look at that.”
“You think all these things just go away? (giggle) Nah Ah Ah Ah… Maybe temporarily, maybe for a little while, maybe they’re stored in the gallbladder as anger or the adrenal glands as fear or in the lungs as grief, but they don’t just go away. They get stored in the unconscious, in the underworld, in our physical emotional bodies.”
“Now it’s a wonderful time…this descent into vulnerability, into chaos, it’s the desire to understand the truth….
“This is why we need to go down and in. It’s to get down to the truth, the truth is our truth, of our unique creative self.”
“This is such a powerful time if we are willing to really go in.”
“…experience of surrender, of standing in the unknown, of getting out of a place of righteousness, out of a place where I need to be right in order to save face….”



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