Here’s Kaypacha with his weekly Pele Report for week starting August 26th 2014…
“Life is a celestial symphony,
Now wanting to be shared.
I’m one of many instruments,
Being polished, tuned, and prepared.”
Kaypacha says:
“Our evolution involves making the unconscious conscious.”
He also says:
“This is a time of real character building. And what do I mean by character? I mean I am chiseling out. I am deciding who I want to be and how I want to act or not…. This is how we define ourselves. When we are pressed, when we are pushed, we just decide. There is that moment of truth…I am going to be this kind of a person…So this is also a time of tremendous mastery. Scorpio is about mastery and it’s about mastering ourselves.”
“Don’t go down the rabbit hole of depression but seek for the learning…All the losses help to change direction. Change! Evolve. Transform.”
“…This is actually a time of great expansion.”