Here is our dear brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report…
“Like a twinkling star in the the dark black night,
I’m a tiny point of light,
That maybe surrounded by anger or fear,
But will love with all my might.”
He says:
“What wild and crazy times we live in.  Sometimes it is like the whole planet is nuts!  It sure can be hard to not go down the rabbit hole of depression when you’re tapped into the collective stream of consciousness.  At least the Sun/Mercury will be moving out of Scorpio this week to lighten things up a bit, but I only see that as surface. 
“As I mention in the report, the Uranus/Pluto square is intensifying right through to New Year’s, culminating over 3 years of tension and pressure to evolve new forms of authority, leadership, and self expression (not that much of which I think has happened!). 
“Resisting the evolutionary impulse represented by this configuration simply leads to more trauma, violence, and eruption from the unconscious up…”
“Shadow work is messy work as it deals with acknowledging aspects of ourselves and the world that we would prefer simply didn’t exist. Owning, with ruthless self honesty, that we are not our ideals, and that the world and humanity are not what we wish they were, is downright painful!
“The upside of doing so, is that you get a clear, accurate, description of the situation so you can make appropriate choices and take just the right actions….Honesty and clarity about just what is really going on within and without, will ultimately serve to save us all time, energy, and attention while reaching for our goals. Hang in there, be true not blue, and go for it!”