Here is brother Kaypacha‘s Pele report for this coming week. He says:
“This full moon can ignite some fires of passion that bring up some deep, longstanding sexual/emotional issues for you to feel, integrate, and express. If you’re in the right relationship it soars and if not… it can sink. Keep a watchful eye/ear and all shall be revealed….”
He also adds:
“We have Venus, now a warrior goddess while in Aries coming up to join Uranus, square Pluto and Jupiter all within a week…..look out!  This heralds a time to make significant contact with your innermost self and express your truth with dignity, grace, and power.  Run the gauntlet and transform yourself and your relationships.”
Mantra for the week:
“When my life is full of pressure,
I know it is a test,
To choose and take what’s valuable,
And leave behind the rest.”