Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale

Art: Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale

Here is dear brother Kaypacha with the Astral Insights  for this coming week…
“The juicy, wild, power in me,
That destroys and creates me again,
Is calling me forth to renew my life,
Regardless of old ego plans.”
He says:
“Look out!  It’s a Solar Eclipse a’comin’!  This north node annular eclipse is gonna bring up and out the crazy, wild side of you that holds the creative power and life force. 
“It’s gonna bring it out one way or another, like if you are suppressed, it may come at you as someone else going wild for you (or at you)!  It may be Mother Nature or the whole world going nuts for you!
“Now these sub/unconscious soul forces are deep essential elements of you wanting to expand your identity. As I say in the report, this is a time of great change for everyone AND, these changes will trigger your insecurities and create some emotional reactions at the coming lunar eclipse in two weeks. 
“So be somewhat prepared and know that you are not just blowing off steam or having a wild weekend, but rather, listen to yourself, feel your needs, and give yourself more room to express these “new” energies that are seeking expression through you.  Now that’s evolution!  Injoy the ride!”