MYSTC MAMMA is the creation, curation and sole work of love from Mijanou Montealegre, who is an artist, mystic and a mother.
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::: How MYSTIC MAMMA came to be… ::::
The truth is I have been on this journey for lifetimes. I came in with a remembrance and was guided on my spiritual journey from a young age by my father who was part of the awakening of the 60’s and a Transcendental Meditator. 
He taught me about the laws of the Universe and had me initiated into Transcendental Meditation in 1978, when I was 4 years old in Managua, Nicaragua where I was born.
The I Ching and Be Here Now were the wisdom books in our house. In the effort of condensing my journey into linear form I will say that in those early years the seeds were planted and later became the foundation that informed me when I had a full awakening experience at 18 years old, which solidified my knowing experientially.
I always had a passion for learning and later on I delved academically into studying the Sacred texts, Holy Books, and the Myths and Rituals of peoples across the planet. I was interested in all the different ways that humans conceptualized and experienced Reality and connected to the Sacred.
I majored in both World Religions (with a focus on Mysticism) and Studio Art with a minor in Anthropology. 
Like Hermann Hesse said, I had begun to hear “the teachings of my blood pulsing within me.” But truth be told, it was not all as idyllic as it sounds.
” My story isn’t pleasant, it’s not sweet and harmonious like the invented stories; it tastes of folly and bewilderment, of madness and dream, like the life of all people who no longer want to lie to themselves.”
~Hermann Hesse
I was interested in the broader evolutionary arc, and consciously aiming my efforts on how I could best help humanity evolve and break out of the box of conditioned limited thinking about Reality, the Universe and our place in it.
I wanted to present the wisdom that was being shown to me and all that I was experiencing, in a way that could be received and taken in, contemporary in its aesthetic and that reflected an integrated, evolved and inclusive vision for humanity.
Around 2004, I was living in NYC and was craving a deeper connection to the more feminine and ancient ways of connecting with the natural cycles of the Earth. 
I decided to create the sacred space I was longing for, and began hosting ritual gatherings on the New Moon with my small circle of women friends in my NYC apartment consecutively for 3 years, until the home birth of my daughter in 2007.
I would thoroughly research the web looking for information on the Astrological transits of the Moon to include, and would only find very few select astrologers who were speaking to the broader collective cycles we were all experiencing, not just writing horoscopes which were the norm.
It seems hard to imagine now, but at that time there was hardly any information online about New Moon Gatherings or any of the topics I was delving into such as options for natural birthing and much the less, the spiritual experience of becoming a Mother and the Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother. Most of the information could only be found in a few older books and there were hardly any online resources on any of these topics.
So shortly after, I received the assignment, vision and Soul directive to create MYSTIC MAMMA as a sacred well in which I could bring together all that I was tuning into and to utilize my artistic vision to present it a way that was meaningful and contemporary. 
I worked on it for 2 years (2009-2011) built it all myself while my baby girl slept, and MYSTIC MAMMA was birthed on the Cancer (Mother) New Moon in 2011. 
MYSTIC MAMMA pioneered in a new aesthetic and an inclusive vision that brought together a consciously curated collection of  Wisdom across faiths handpicked from books from my personal library, Astral Insights from a collective of progressive leading-edge voices, Women’s Ancient Wisdom, Mammahood resources, and Consciousness videos, all offering a holistic vision for our Earth. 
I have always seen it as a reflective well, because its sole function has always been to be a pure place of collective reflection for us all.
It was not launched as business, but with the pure intention of it being an offering to help expand human consciousness.  
I knew that what I had to do was answer my Dharmic call, give my everything to build it and remain utterly devoted to maintaining it for its own virtue, as a gift, a Soul offering, and those who were meant to find it would.
Since it’s launch in 2009, it has grown solely grassroots, word of mouth across the entire planet.
I am deeply humbled and heartened by the beautiful and kind community of Souls that have drank from this well.
Stay tuned for new incarnation of offerings to emerge!
With all my love~
~Mijanou Montealegre


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