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Here is the Astrological overview from the wonderful Sarah Varcas from her Astro-Awakenings.co.uk. It has been helpful to me and perhaps it will also help you too..
“The start of this week sees the heavens dominated by a T Square formed by the Moon, Venus and Mercury in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It indicates the potential for powerful emotions, so we may want to go easy on ourselves and each other! Sensitivities can run high at times like this and the potential for being dragged off down an emotional rabbit hole is fairly strong!”
“However, there is another side to it all. As we experience the on-going dissolution of all that separates one from another this month, we are likely to find that emotions are difficult to assign to anyone in particular. They just seem to be ‘out there’ in the atmosphere, floating around waiting for whoever wants to pluck them out and run with them! It’s difficult to find suitably nuanced words for this process, but essentially it is one of healing. So if we find ourselves overcome with emotion, sensitivity or some other sense impression that seems to come at us from nowhere, we can rest assured that it has arisen to be healed and the best way we can do that is by bringing a gentle and compassionate awareness to it, recognising that it’s not ‘my anger’, ‘my sadness’, ‘my doubt’, it’s just an energetic imprint of those emotions, added to throughout millennia by one person after another after another, as we live out our lives here on earth.”
“This type of fairly impersonal healing is a feature of this month. We’re being granted the opportunity to clear the collective energy field of stale emotion that’s clogging the space. However, because it’s human nature to make even impersonal things personal (!), we may be tempted to claim an emotion for ourselves and create an issue out of it instead. It’s vital to remember this week, that we can choose not to do so. In essence, we now have the chance to experience the pure energy of emotion without the need to attach a story to it and in that  way we can focus upon healing and rebalancing above all else.”
“As the week progresses we approach Chiron’s retrograde station in Pisces, occurring on 16th. This begins a five month period during which the difference between a healthy and unhealthy ego structure will become more apparent to us. If we have constructed a personal identity out of past sufferings or current challenges, we will be encouraged to let that identity gradually dissolve in favour of something altogether more life-affirming. We no longer have to ‘wear’ our wound. We can choose, if we wish, to bless it and let it go once and for all time. But this is a deeply personal choice and one which we must make only if and when the time is right for us: when doing so is not an act of denial or avoidance, but of the ultimate acknowledgement that who we are now is completely within our hands to shape and mould as we choose. This realisation itself can be an imposing and scary one, notwithstanding the inspiring potential that it holds for us. Which is why we now have five months to contemplate and then do it, not five minutes, and as this week comes to an end we can begin to do exactly that.”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved