Here is our dear brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his astrological guidance with us. 
“Pachamama stirs and awakens me,
To be more than I have been,
Sometimes it’s easy and I don’t feel trapped,
But now she says push and expand.”
He says:
“I love the old astrological saying with Uranus that you should prepare for the unexpected…..easier said than done but at least it can work psychically. We’re on a Uranian roll now, not just with this full Moon but for the next week or so.
“As I say in the report, it’s an important time of renewing your commitment to self acceptance and making changes in your world. If not, your world will change you!
“I’m late getting this up as we had some unexpected events here in Peru. Flexibility and patience are keywords when it comes to times like these as you may get yourself all worked up worrying or trying to get something or somewhere and then get all irritable and say and do things you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) do. Crazy making.
“So breath long deep breaths, do what you can and make some space in your world to do what you want later if not now! Injoy!”

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