Here is a beautiful reading I found on the NEW LUNAR influences coming our way! Enjoy~

Full Moon in Cancer happens at 29 degrees on January 19, 2011.

“The astrological sign of Cancer symbolizes emotional self, family, emotional security and nurturing amongst other things. It is also symbolized as dynamically moving water, helping us to being receptive, intuitive and to embrace feeling. Similar to waves in the Ocean, the high and low tides our own emotional nature may move in rhythms as well. Around a full moon phase, the emotions may run high and low, especially this Full Moon in Cancer. We may feel extra sensitive or incredibly reactive at the seams. Seeking comfort from food, movies or old pictures is possible. It’s like we gravitate towards something to cuddle or snuggle with and it doesn’t have to be a person. We may find a comfy blanket or fluffy sweater that adds a layer of cozy within us.

At this juncture, the Full Moon symbolically will heighten the urge towards completely letting go. Emotional attachment will prolong things. Remaining in the space of emotional insecurity will keep one weak. Flush it out altogether. Let the tears, joy, healing flow through. Our inner stability returns through this process. A new chapter is about to begin, similar to the Sun rising in the early morning and the fog dissipating. The past need not define you any longer. The Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer reminds us to balance both the physical world and emotional world. We must find the common ground to feel emotionally mature in our daily interactions with self, others and life itself.

The Moon in Cancer makes an inconjunct aspect to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius, we may have to take a step back, detach to gain a more objective perspective about the issue or situation. We are encouraged to be compassionate and tender to self and others now.

Making peace with whatever we were wrestling with in the past that is in front of us now. We are drawn to find solace to comfort and care for personal emotional waves that may arise now. Also happening, Jupiter at 29 degrees Pisces will make a gorgeous connection to the Moon in Cancer, which can symbolize an expansion of ‘feeling comforted or blessed’ as we process things out. It can also be a tremendous boost for emotional healing. We have that extra Divine Cushion or Angel watching over us through this. If we need to express ourselves and needs we can do so feeling a boost of confidence and gentleness behind us.”

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