“Darkness always births the light.
There is no insanity without surfacing reason.
Apathy can give way to conviction and action.
Remind me.


“There is no suppression without eventual uprising.
Public silence unleashes individual voices.
Where there is death, there must be life.
Remind me.


“Where there is waste, growth will be forged.
Narcissistic leaders incense empowered communities.
Censorship spurs collective voices.
Remind me.


“Senseless occupations cause people to question.
Unjustified spending arouses investigations.
The pendulum always swings.
Remind me.


“Hopelessness, despair, intolerance
and fear can debilitate.
Belief, anger, purpose, education,
and faith can facilitate.
What can I do?
Remind me.”


~Diane Bergstrom in We’ Moon, 2008