Insightful words from Lena Stevens from The Power
“Yesterday’s massacre in a Connecticut school has left us once again holding another large scale trauma in our collective. Incidents such as this one have been part of a larger pattern of aggressive, predatory and violent behavior which has been prevalent in our global society as a pattern for a very very long time. It is truly time to change the pattern whatever it takes.”
“So in the next 24 hours if you can please light a candle for a time of prayer for the victims, and in the spirit of December’s theme of forgiveness, forgive the pattern that has dominated the way of the collective up to this point, and that has driven us to operating out of fear instead of love.”
“To help those who are the victims of this particular event, take a rattle or a drum or two clicking sticks and use these tools to release their spirits from the pattern. Thank them for their sacrifice so that the rest of us can wake up. Using the same tools, help those who are the victims of the trauma to release what they can of the energy of the pattern.”
“And lastly look into your own heart and forgive yourself for anytime you have acted out of hate, envy, fear or revenge, or have been aggressive or mean-spirited towards another human being. Find a way to love yourself more in these times with compassion and forgiveness.”
“If we are to shift successfully as a collective into a new pattern of responsibility and relationship driven by love and not fear, we must do this. Let those who have died to wake us up not die in vain.”
“With compassion, forgiveness and blessings,
© Copyright 2012 Lena Stevens