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Dear friends, thank you so much for all your beautiful outpouring of support as I’ve had to surrender everything to the funeral pyre to undergo this period of transformation.
As I had previously mentioned, I was feeling like a caterpillar going into her cocoon, and literally that’s where I have been, enclosed within, undergoing an all-consuming shamanic death and tending to my immediate life that has been facing death in various forms. Death is a powerful teacher that awakens us to Life. They are both the yin-yangs of the cosmic cycle of regeneration, reminding us that after the darkness the light returns, after Winter comes Spring.
In the Northern hemisphere where I live, this is where we find ourselves, and nature has been speaking strongly and vibrantly. Burned hills have given way to colorful mountains ranges of green and wildflowers. Billions of butterflies, Painted Ladies, have been spreading their wings migrating North.
I was sitting outside on the mountaintop where I live, and suddenly found myself in the middle of a super highway of butterflies as hundreds flew past me. At that same moment, a red tailed hawk came wings spread wide, and hovered, about 10 feet above my head.  I received the message that it was time to emerge out of my cocoon.
For me, and I know for many of us, these past few months have not been easy. I have sat with Truth as she held my hand and wiped my tears. So much unraveling, a slow surrender. No longer trying to hold up the ceiling or patch the crumbling walls, the ground literally moving beneath, rearranging my foundation, shifting my allegiance, to the One inside, the queen, the wise one, who is ready to come down into this body. Who is needing me to make a new place for Her, on Earth, inside of me. 
It takes great courage to be vulnerable and true to that Self within. We are who we are, and ultimately we have to be true to our ourselves. 
And like the Painted ladies, we must spread our wings and start migrating North. Back to our True North, we return. Like the salmon swimming upstream, back to our place of origin, our Soul place of deepest truth, which no one can deny and no one can take away.
A new period is finally upon us, and as I begin to rebuild my own life on a new foundation, know that my heart is pinned on returning to rebuild this space in a new more sustainable form so I can continue to share with all of my heart in all the creative ways that I can.
So on this potent ++++ EQUINOX ++++ Full Moon in Libra, SuperMoon, Aligned with the Galactic Center, beginning of Astrological New year at Zero Aries point with so many other potent activating alignments, here are the MM Astral Insights from a few of our beloved guiding lights…
PAT LILES from The Power says:
“We not only have the powerful Sun in balance with the Earth, but the Moon in the sign of balance and harmony in Libra. 
“What will you do with such an auspicious start to this season?  When you find yourself on the other side of this transition time about two years from now at Equinox 2021 – what do you want your life to feel like, what do you want to be doing, and who with? 
“What are you releasing to make way for the new?  Now is the time to initiate and strengthen those threads…
“Chiron is also highly influential here riding within a degree of the Sun at 1º Aries… Chiron is not only the ‘wounded healer’.  It also calls in the teacher/mentor, sharing the medicine and wisdom they have earned from their life experiences and challenges.
“Chiron, a centaur, half animal half human, has lineage in the instinctual realms, the nature realms, linking us to the natural world with support from the animal, plant, mineral and deva kingdoms.
“In the solar system, it sits between Saturn, the physical, and Uranus, the intuitive aspects of our psyches.  Chiron is a wild, unconforming maverick walking his own way in the world responsive to his instincts, connected to nature, sensitive and wise. 
“Chiron is often prominent when a major transition requires a big decision – maybe a hybrid decision – the best under taxing circumstances…
“A conjunction with Black Moon Lilith and Venus reinforces and mirrors the Sun/Chiron conjunction in expressing our instinctual selves… being true to the self despite the pressures to be acceptable and fit in with the status quo, walking our own true path unwilling to see ourselves as victims, claiming our wholeness and fire.
“Underlying all the energy of rebirthing that Aries brings is still a strong current of surrendering and releasing the old – millenniums worth of old…. We’re finishing up and releasing loooong cycles here.”
© Copyright 2019 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved


ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers says:
“The Eclipses have begun their work of removing and recycling anything which helps clear the way for a more ‘light and bright’ heart expression…
“See what has ended and what’s beginning. Use your feelings to see a bigger picture, and use your powers of synthesis to see how your feelings and relationships will lead you to a vaster vision or understanding…
“While this is sure to be a highly decisive and active season, remember to build in a Mercury retrograde ‘delay’ where you can evaluate the information or understanding from multiple angles, and if you need to, rehearse scenarios before you leap into action.
“We’re all being led to a form of social rebirth and healing, so practice expressing your Higher Self, even if you don’t feel very strong or confident. You get to express your Higher Self in your own way on your own terms, so be gentle as you move into a new stabilized form of self-expression.
“The coming 13 weeks will help us adjust so our personality strengths can find effective expression, with new allegiances and vistas calling us to move in new directions.
“Our old life is already over; this gives us a look back to see the wisdom in what ended and why, and how to move into a new form of self-expression which will be the vehicle for us to demonstrate Cosmic Power in the near future.
The next 13 weeks can bring a vaster compassion, understanding, and connectedness with life, relationships, and Self, accept the blessings and happiness which await those who embrace Jupiter’s dance with the rest of life! 
“…And if memories of old relationships come up, bless and release the hurt or misunderstanding of the pastto find more power in understanding you are not that now.
“We now enter a time of turning toward new directions, and will find stability as we learn to enjoy ourselves and the pace of the process.
“Take responsibility, and take note of how to use power in the most responsible way. If you find yourself involved with people who are overly aggressive or assertive, or who you feel are providing resistance to your process, claim your power to move beyond their control.
“We are now in a time of finishing our ‘liberating ordeal,’ and great redemption will be found in a greater vision and group work which mobilizes you, offers you deeper relationships and experiences, and the chance to leave the past behind.
“Demonstrate your personality strengths, focus your will power, and build your vehicle which will allow you to demonstrate Divine Power in the future for the betterment of a greater good or a spiritual group work.”
© Copyright 2019 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved


PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology Journal says:
“My interpretation of the Super Galactic Center’s involvement in this Full Moon is that this week represents another ‘uptick’ in the speed at which we are evolving.
“The timeline is shifting into an even higher gear, pulling us more and more rapidly toward our cosmic destiny.
“Perhaps this is why many of our life lessons are coming to a crisis point right now — personally, socially, and globally.
An important shift is occurring. It’s time to ‘jump on the time/space band wagon,’ and ‘deal with the good that is you.'”
© Copyright 2019 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved
DANA GERHARDT from says”
“Take a moment, wherever you are, to step back into the sacred calendar.  This is a potent portal through which to visualize our fractured world made whole again.
“In your mind’s eye, gently see it and sense it.  See us all gathered.  Sense our full willingness–around the globe–to write the great new story of our rebirthing.
“For ours and our children’s future, for the futures of strangers and their children, for the futures of the rivers, plants and animals in our care, raise hands and heart to the invisible powers…
“If we all do this on Full Moon Equinox night, even for just thirty seconds each, this mini sacred rite will ripple out, into the Great Fabric of Things.
© Copyright 2019 ~DANA GERHARDT All Rights Reserved


I leave us with some words by Abagail Brown:
“Weaving our way around
and round we go,
and where we split and tear,
we dart and tuck, we seam,
we mend,
we yield and bend and wind
our way
together toward the light.”
© Copyright 2019 Abagail Brown


Let’s plant our prayers into Mother Earth today. 
She loves us back.
We belong to Her.
We all belong.
With all my heart~


 ++++ love ++++