Here is our dear brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his weekly wisdom and insights.
“There are days when I am afraid,
And don’t know what to do.
Rather than deny it, defy it, or hide it,
I’ll feel it and see it through.”
He says:
“Feeling your feelings is loving yourself.
“Do you? I gotta say I spaced out with this void of course Moon! Said I would talk about it and spaced. I did talk about the Moon tho, and when she is void of course she will not make any major aspects to another planet until she changes signs.
“This is a great disconnect. It is a good time to chill out and contemplate and that’s about it! Can be a time of unexpected results to actions taken so not so good for taking risks, making commitments, or being reckless.
“Anyway, fear is a HUGE subject! No way to cover all the aspects of it in a little Pele Report!
“As there are so many different fears and different sources for those fears, the main thing would be to feel into them and discover their roots.
“Some need to be released as they are past conditioning, some need to be heeded as they are important for your survival and growth.
“When in a calm state of meditation you can witness yourself and your fears and more easily determine which ones to throw out and which ones to be thankful for.
“Don’t be afraid of fear haha!


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