New Moon is here in Taurus! Here is the download from some of the most insightful readers of the stars. Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy this NEW MOON energy + collective honoring  and connection to the Earth Mother on Mother EARTH DAY~~~
First from the lovely and always spot-on Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology blog:
“Stunning Visual Beauty” – written by Dipali
“Overview:  When we see something so stunning in its beauty, it literally can our breath away. The visual beauty expands love and puts us in touch with the magnificence of the manifestation process. What began on an etheric or non-visible level as a seed idea, slowly descends into density and finally forms in physical reality. It becomes tangible and therefore we have the opportunity to savor the experience of it. The New Moon in Taurus at 1 degree on April 21st, 2012 helps us to take notice of the visual beauty all around us, and drink it in with all of our senses – including the inner senses.”
“The Sun and Moon combine their symbolic energy in the grounded sign of Taurus. Rich fertile soil upon the Earth helps the manifestation process be effortless. This New Moon provides us with prime fertile energy and with a “Grand Trine” energy between Sun/Moon, Mars and Pluto retrograde – all in earth signs we are in for a tangible treat.”
“There’s a lot that can be accomplished to make things very efficient and running smooth on a physical level. We may feel solid in our footing to take steps forward now. Overall, this can be a highly fruitful and productive time. We may begin to see the tips of the blossoms suddenly manifest from the symbolic seeds we planted a while back. It would be helpful to go out into the garden, nearby park or be in Nature to revel in this extraordinary “earthy energy.” Love can be felt and may be expressed to you. Like a colorful fragrant flower suddenly blooming  in front of you and the warmth of joy spreading all over the body. It is possible someone may tell you something sweet and loving which makes the heart skip a beat.”
“A very important aspect that is building at the time of the New Moon in Taurus is; Mercury/Uranus in Aries. This highly charged symbolism suggests shocks, jolts, upsets to the status quo, surprises of all kinds, sizes and types. Communications zip at top speed. With that much mental – electrical buzzing energy it is possible that we have headaches or the head area becomes over-heated. Take your time while driving and traveling. Cool it down by breathing and drinking plenty of water.”
“Mercury/Uranus symbolism suggests the energy, words and communication can be sharp pointy and can’t be taken back once you say it. Remember use the potential to “Think like a Pioneer.”  We may be challenged to take on a situation with courage and confidence under the direction of Soul. Use wisdom and love to temper the actions now.”

© Copyright 2012 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved

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From astrologer Ruth Sanderson at Libra Seeking Balance:
“A small oasis of calm will descend on the New Moon at 01° 35′ Taurus on 21 April 2012, 12:18 AM PDT…”
“Enhancing Taurus New Moon’s naturally fertile, earthy nature is a conjunction with Ceres in Taurus, making this coming weekend the perfect time to schedule a visit to your favorite spa. Get a lovely massage, take nature walks or just hang out by the pool sipping soothing drinks. In touchy feely Taurus, Ceres loves to express nurturance through touch. I mean who doesn’t love getting a nice foot massage! The trine from Mars in Virgo stimulates the healing energy of Ceres and the New Moon because Virgo is noted for caring for the health and well being of others.”
“A sextile to the New Moon from Neptune in Pisces will help smooth any rough edges and allow us to gently slip sideways away from harsh realities, if only briefly. Music is a wonderful way to set the mood for relaxation of the mind and body along with a well chosen fragrance.”
“Saturn in Libra widely opposes the New Moon and helps reinforce the need to play well with others. Venus ruled Taurus generally appreciates Libra’s tact and both share a deep love of beauty. Saturn’s fondness for structure meets with Taurus’s approval because Taurus does like to keep surprises to a minimum.”
“Even though Venus in Gemini is a little too changeable for Taurus’s taste, it is semi-sextile to genial Jupiter in Taurus. This combination favors both having fun and making a little money, something we can all get behind.”
© Copyright 2012 Ruth Sanderson. All Rights Reserved
 From astrologer Carola Eastwood at The Life Connection:
Fertile time for new creations arrives~
“The sun completes its transit of trail-blazing Aries, and enters its month-long journey in Taurus on April 19. The transition from Aries to Taurus moves us from the fiery impetuous of Aries into the cool, nurturing earth of Taurus, where the seeds of action created in Aries can now take root, be nourished and grow strong.”
“Two days later, on April 21, we have a new moon in Taurus, setting the stage for our new field of experiences over the coming four weeks. The Taurus new moon forms a grand triangle with Pluto and Mars, bringing our new pathway to light, energizing it, and prompting us to lay the foundation for new direction and new actions. The intense pressure of the first three weeks of the month wanes in the last ten days, and, assuming we have made our changes or taken that new leap, we now find ourselves on very fertile ground for new creations.”

© Copyright 2012 Carola Eastwood. All Rights Reserved

From the wise Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This Taurus New Moon evokes the Goddess of the Earth, our home…
“Listen to your bit of Earth this weekend.   Visit a garden, a window-box, a forest, a mountain or a farm; go to a lake, the ocean, a river or stream. Smell and taste the air which is full of Spring here in the north and Fall in the southern hemisphere.  Open your senses and your heart and ask our mother the Earth what she needs from you.”
“And then do it, because it’s necessary and you’re the only one who can do it.   You’ll find companions along the way that have heard the same voice and are also doing what is necessary.”
“Taurus is the sign of the zodiac concerned with the Earth and being good stewards of the Earth.   Unfortunately, more and more people are losing touch with Nature, staying indoors, focused on technological toys rather than opening themselves to the healing influence of Mother Nature.   Taurus is a good time to turn off our computers and TVs, put away our iPhones and just go outside! “
“…Connecting to the Earth demands that we become conscious of our bodies, our own private bit of Earth, just as we have to become stewards of the Earth.   Connecting to the Earth begins when we can feel reverence for our land, our air, our waters, when we can ‘love all our relations’ and the Earth….”
“We need to discover what our relationship to the Earth is…Unless we discover our place in the Earth’s living biosphere, we won’t know how to honor the Earth.   We won’t be able to fulfill our function for Her… “
“Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are held and sustained within the arms of Mother Earth.     Just as surely, the life of planet Earth is now in our hands.   Earth is the only home we have.    How have we gotten so detached from our home that we could come close to destroying it with our poisons and our waste, our wars and our unsustainable economy and population?”
“…Most ancient cultures that lived close to the Earth – the Celts, the Aborigines, the Native Americans, and Western culture itself until the last Millennium – and revered Earth as the Mother.   They knew they were made from the dust of this Earth, that they shared this Earth with the other animals, the trees, the rivers and seas.   They knew that they were part of the Great Round of Nature, one with all the other works of the Mother. They knew that just as the animals gave up their lives to feed and nourish human beings, so too, human beings gave back their lives to the Great Mother when death took us.”
“They understood the wisdom and necessity of the cyclic processes of Her mysteries, and they lived within that cycle of gestation, birth, death and regeneration as in the protective circle of a mother’s arms.   For them, the Earth was animate and divine; She set the rhythms of life for all Her children; She was the matrix from which life grew…”
“The Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon at 2* Taurus speaks to this: An electrical storm illuminates the heavens and the forests.   These are the lightning strokes that bring fertility to the land….This fire from heaven builds life!   It is also a symbol of a sudden realization that attunes us to cosmic law and wisdom.   It momentarily lights up what is above and below, uniting them with electrical energy.   This New Moon is the time to open up to the powers of heaven and let the image of what you value fill your heart.   The heavens want to nurture it.”
“…We need to learn to nurture and love ourselves and our gifts so we can love others in the right way.   It shows up as our ability to share, both our love and our gifts.   In loving the Earth, we are taught to accept both the blessings and the appropriate sacrifices of life….Learn to let go of what isn’t serving your life.   Something new wants to take its place.”
“Venus is in a wide conjunction to the south node in Gemini, pulling away from old categories of relating that have been based on ownership and possessiveness.   Juno, the asteroid of true partnership, is conjoined with the north node in Sagittarius, pointing the way to an equal partnership between masculine and feminine consciousness and male and female relationships.”
“…The energy is beginning to pick up speed, even as it seeks to manifest our dreams.   Bringing your dream down to earth is the most important issue this year.   If you’re not yet sure what you want to manifest, don’t worry.   Venus, the planet of love, connection and wisdom will turn retrograde in May and backtrack through Gemini, so don’t consolidate your plans yet.   Just plant them in good soil, water them with your love and bless them with your spirit.   And watch them grow!”

© Copyright 2012 Cathy Lynn Pagano. All Rights Reserved

Yes! Blessings~
Oh and lastly here is the latest video from the awesome Tom Lescher breaking it down for us, echoing the same sentiments but in his own unique endearing way. Great report. His Mantra for the week is:
“I am the bridge between the imagined and real. When I follow through I truly heal”

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